Make a run for healthier life!

Before the age of automobiles and computers, humans used to lead physically active lives. We needed to hunt or farm our food, and needed to migrate from one place to another for better food or shelter or safety. Our bodies have evolved to  to sweat, shed fats and sustain muscle strength regularly. Due to centuries of such conditioning, physical fitness has become the key to a healthy life. So how do you achieve this? You can run, walk, or do any kind of work-out for at least a few minutes in a day. Many of you think ‘time’ is the biggest hurdle; but if you could once experience the joy that physical activities bring you, you would never part from it.

If you could adapt to juggling with the daily commitments for all other reasons, wouldn’t you want to set aside a minimum 10 minutes every morning for yourself? Keeping yourself fit means a combination of physical activities that include exercises of different types walking and running.


Running at the Morning Streak of Light

Running is the most enjoyed type of physical exercise all over the world. The morning jog or the five mile run is a much enjoyed physical activity that brings with it ample health benefits. ‘Streakers’ or Streak runners are people who run every single day of their lives. The US Running Streak Association defines a ‘streak’ as running one continuous mile every calendar day. There are many streak runners who have been running at least one mile a day for as long as 40 continuous years.  The most important thing about these streakers who are so passionate about running is that they all lead healthy lives. They are far away from obesity, and have been able to regulate their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Apart from staying fit and in shape, they all enjoy  high energy levels and a fantastically positive attitude towards life.


Get yourself to a successful daily physical or fitness routine with these steps:

  1. Create an inspiration board with your intentions and goals.
  2. Find a fitness plan that you will enjoy most.
  3. Join a Community who follows the same fitness plans; this allows you to meet and interact with other people who have the same intentions.
  4. Keep all requirements at hand, like, sneakers, exercise mat, or even water bottle, as per your fitness plan requisites.
  5. Find a friend for company and further motivation.
  6. Once you have started, track your developments on a notebook, or on an app on your phone. Keeping record is the trick as most people with their successful daily work-out regime have shared.


Repetition is the ‘Key’. Continue your daily exercise regime for several days, make it a habit, and you will soon find the journey itself more enjoyable