Mindfulness – practice for a better life

Mindfulness is the art of self-awareness, to be present at the moment of the experience and to accept things for what they are without being judgmental. It’s an ancient Buddhist way of meditation and has been used for decades to manage stress and depression.


Why practice mindfulness?

Being mindful helps to boost our immune system to fight ailments. It is beneficial for our mind and brain and helps us focus. It has a capability to induce compassion towards others and hence helps immensely to better our relationships. Schools and veterans can practice Mindfulness techniques to reduce anger, tantrums, negativity, confusion and stress. Mindful eating prevents and controls diabetes and obesity.


Mindfulness from the Experts

Experts recommend a variety of ways to practice mindfulness. RAIN a technique recommended by Dr. Goldstein means to Recognize the emotion, Acknowledge or accept the emotion, Investigate to find the real reason behind it and then Non-identify it as an issue in order to deflate it.
STOP, another acronym coined by Dr. Goldstein means to Stop the things we are doing first then to Take a Breath and Observe on our thoughts, feelings, emotions or be aware of the posture of our body or be self-conscious and then Proceed with something that will help us in the moment. This break of mindfulness can freshen up every cell in your body.


For the Downing Moment

We all have those moments when we reach the brink of sanity or think we have nothing left to carry on forward. Let your emotions float and focus on your breathing. It will help you to keep in touch with the present and the rhythmic pattern of breathing while you control your emotions.

These little practices of mindfulness to live your present to the fullest, can rejuvenate your life and help in eliminating stress. So, take a step. Mindfulness can change in your life.




Mindful walking

Can you feel your feet touching the ground? May be! But are you enjoying that touch? Snap away from the pre-occupation and enjoy the environment when you walk.[/one_third]


Enjoy your food

you will be amazed to see that every bite will burst with flavours in your mouth. Seize your mind; just let your every sense, indulge in eating.[/one_third]


The Shower Power

During a shower is the best time to practice mindfulness. Notice the drops slipping down your body. Enjoy the noise of the falling water, slow your breathing, close your eyes and feel the majestic healing.[/one_third]