23 Top Recipes for Fair Skin

Call it a flawless skin or radiant skin it is usually a healthy and fair skin that everyone aspires for and it is not a mission impossible. Check out 23 great tips for glowing skin.These 23 recipes are simple and effective remedies to get a fair and glowing skin.

Oatmeal magic – make a fine paste of oatmeal powder and curd. Add few spoons of rose water and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face and wash thoroughly with plain water after 15 minutes. This is an effective treatment to get a flawless skin.
Lavender oil – This lavender oil and coconut oil combo can be used as a night application product to remove dark patches and tan on skin. This can give you a fair skin.
Lemon juice recipe – For those adamant dark circles and allergic skin tan, a combination of egg white with few drops of lemon juice can be used as a face pack. This removes accumulated dust, avoid uneven skin tone and instantly gives you a bright and Fair skin. click here to get more interesting home remedies for skin tan.
Resveratrol – An important beauty tonic that rejuvenates skin cells and restores proper melanin metabolism. Pistachios, black grapes, berries, dark chocolates and pomegranate are good sources of Resveratrol. Include these in your daily diet for best results.
Hibiscus flower – A natural anti-oxidant and best skin tonic. In combination with tulasi (basil) leaves makes a promising treatment for skin pigmentation. Make a thick paste of neem leaves, basil leaves and rose water Apply this mixture on your face and wash thoroughly with plain water after 15 minutes.
Cocoa pack – Bananas and cocoa are a traditional combination for treating pigmentation. Make a thick paste of banana fruit and mix with cocoa extract (available as aroma oil also) and apply as a face pack for good results.
Fruit intake – Oranges are as therapeutic as they are beautiful. Daily consumption of oranges along with strawberries and bananas provide all essential nutrients for your skin.
Coconut milk – A nature’s gift for those who want a tan-free and fair skin. Make it a habit to wash your face with plain coconut milk for five minutes. Also, turmeric and coconut milk face pack can be beneficial as well.
Oil cleansing – Energizing oils will nurture your skin with essential nutrients and the highlight is that the result obtained is fairly persistent. Mix one spoon of castor oil with few drops of grape seed oil and apply liberally on face. Spread evenly using upward circular movements for 5 minutes. Let it remain for 15 minutes and wash off with bengal gram flour
Egg – Not only provides you with good amount of protein but also works wonders on your skin. Mix an egg white with one teaspoon of olive oil, lemon extract (half lemon), two spoons of orange juice and few spoons of rose water, and yes, you have made your own moisturising serum. Blend the mixture well and apply as a thick pack on your skin and wash off with plain water after 15 minutes
Chocolates – Not only delight your taste buds, but also turn your dull skin radiant in a jiffy. This chocolate face pack can be the best remedy for your dull and damaged skin. Take a tablespoon of cocoa powder and add equal amount of mashed avocado pulp, a spoon of honey and blend well. Apply this pack for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.
Adequate water consumption – Probably the simplest method to combat dry and sensitive skin. Consume good amounts of water every day and stay hydrated
Avocados are the best for skin glow and radiance. Make a fine paste of avocado pulp and add few spoons of tomato juice. Blend well with a spoon of honey and apply this as a face pack. Retain for 15 minutes and wash with plain water
Healthy diet – Skin radiance is a reflection of your inner health. Ensure that your diet is enriched with adequate amounts of Vitamin E, C, anti-oxidants, minerals and proteins. Richest sources of these nutrients include almonds, goose berry, yellow-ripened guava, green leafy vegetables, fruits and cereals.
Regular cleansing – clean and healthy habits form the base for an ideal skin. Wash your face atleast two to three times a day with a mild face-wash. Application of aloe vera gel as a day cream is beneficial.
Natural face-pack – Rice flour is a rich source of collagen and serves as a natural scrub cum bleaching agent. Apply a paste of rice flour and rose water on your face and wash with plain water after 15 minutes. This gives you an instant glow and makes your occasion more radiant and bright.
Tea magic – mix few drops of tea tree oil to your bathing liquid and see the difference for yourself. Tea tree oil has excellent anti-fungal properties and removes unwanted dirt, toxins and bacteria from your skin. This keeps your skin safe from allergies and disorders.
Drumstick mantra – dried drumsticks are excellent detoxifiers. Put few dry drumsticks into the water used for bathing the previous night and discard them before bathing. This softens the hard water and makes it skin friendly. It also energizes the channels underlying your skin pores and improves micro circulation.
Safe saffrons – authenticity of saffron flowers can be traced back to ancient times. Keep a stock of these brilliant red flowers in your kitchen. A pinch of powdered saffron flowers consumed along with milk greatly enhances the skin fair complexion. Saffron also serves as an external applicant. There are several topical application products that contain saffron as the major ingredient.
Yoghurts do not hurt – Plain yoghurt has wonderful skin conditioning properties. Apply a spoon of yoghurt on your face and spread it evenly using gentle circular motions for ten minutes. Wash off with plain water. This makes your skin smooth and shiny in a jiffy.
Oil bath – It reduces debility and makes you feel fresh and energetic from within. Anointing warm gingelly oil on your head, face, behind the ears, sole of the foot and all over the exposed areas of the skin followed by a warm shower will rejuvenate your organs and replenish blood circulation. Try with this routine twice a week for a glowing and fresh skin.
Channel cleansing nasal drops – The skin color, texture and glow depend on the blood and nutrition supply to the skin by the underlying nutritional channels in the blood vessels. Due to an improper lifestyle, diet, pollution or other factors, these channels get polluted and presents on your skin as dullness, white patches tan and an overall unhealthy look. How do we clean these channels periodically and ensure uninterrupted flow of vital energy to skin? Here is a time-tested solution. ‘Nasal drops therapy’ involves 2-3 drops of saffron oil/gingelly oil into each nostril followed by deep breathing and gentle massage in the upward direction. After few minutes, dirt and unwanted phlegm gets eliminated as sputum leaving your face bright and nourished. This can be performed even on daily basis, but if you are a beginner, try with ‘once in a week’ schedule. This procedure magically wards off acne, pigmentation, dry skin, wry neck, sinusitis and many other disorders.
Regular fruit fasting – When you speak of relaxation, it goes without saying that you tend to lessen your physical activity to almost zero. The aim of relaxation is to divert oneself from the usual routine and make time for self repair and rejuvenation. Well, your stomach and all other body parts deserve these benefits too. Your metabolic system needs time for self repair, detoxificatory cleansing and waiver from routine digestive activities. This can be achieved through ‘fasting’. Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean giving up food. It is restricting your food intake to a particular pattern that can reduce the burden on your metabolism. When intake is minimized, more time for scavenging is available. This results in delayed aging, skin glow and body fitness. Ideally, fruit fasting once in a week does the trick.
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