Closing the generation gap

So you might be wondering as to who is this guy Kojak. In the days after the Druid, and before the Internet came into being. Kojak was a 70s TV serial,with a detective called Kojak. Kojak was characterized by a shaven pate, and a lollipop in the mouth all the time. Asked about this lollipop in the mouth, his stock answer was “I am closing the generation gap”. Well that is precisely what I am trying to do around here in this blog. And considering that I am going to live to the age of 100, I buy my lollipops by the bag. I will have a lot of generation gaps to bridge!

The trick to generation gap bridging is to feel exactly as you did when you were 20 years old. Frankly, that is exactly how I feel today. As recently as 40 years ago, I required a daily dose of antacids and late nights and too much “consumption” gave me frequent hangovers and bleary early mornings. Usually, I feel much better nowadays.And that is what I mean by closing the generation gap.

It all started with a regular dose of “mixture” from Grand Sweets. Which self respecting Madrassi has not tried the “mixture” from Grand Sweets. Every weekend, a 250 gram pack of “mixture” would magically appear in front of me (never mind the effort of driving up to Grand Sweets and standing in front of the counter before the magic became reality) and it would get demolished over the weekend. That’s it! Within a few weekends, I could feel the difference. Hyperacidity accompanied by a heavy feeling in the stomach every time I ate that mixture. Or so I thought! Gradually over the years, it happens every time I eat food made out of Maida, milk products of course, and “mixture”.

I did give mixture a hiatus of several years, while I became more careful. Some kind of detox must have taken place. I am able to consume that mixture in smaller quantities providing I stop after a couple of handfuls. Life without mixture can be very difficult. Moderation as you grow older and you can still close the generation gap. A genetic profiling of the kind of illnesses that I am predisposed to, made good incentive to quickly move over to moderation. Interesting. That one genetic profiling could end up with saving me several years of Doctor fees and medicines. Got this done for my kids too! Talk about closing the generation gap! Who needs lollipops.