Having a daily conversation with the self!

So we all know that no two days are the same, and it starts when we wake up. Small differences begin depending -how well you slept and on which side you slept the most. The reality is, that the small differences start even earlier. But let’s deal first with just the previous day. Its time you started having a daily conversation with your inner self.


If you are feeling on top of the world today, then it is good for you to think of what you didn’t do the previous day, that you are feeling on top of the world today. It may seem a bit contrary to you, but that is the extent to which the food that you ate the previous day can influence how your body feels today. Don’t forget the body has now had hopefully, a good 8-10 hours to metabolize the food that you ate last evening. In fact, it is only now that the body is ready to talk. It is hard to believe that it is the food that we consume that makes the major difference on how we feel everyday. That same food can be your best friend or your biggest enemy and all you need to do is to stop and think about it for 2 minutes every day and here is how it goes.

How am I feeling this morning? Are my feet feeling heavy or light? Do I have any body pains? Am I able to walk as comfortably as I did yesterday? Am I feeling at least a bit hungry? How does my head feel?[/one_second]


What did I eat yesterday that is working for me? Or, what did I eat yesterday that does not work for me. This daily conversation can make all the difference to enable you make the right choices. Till now, we would only assess the food when we got a severe case of the “runs”. And usually, we are able to identify the culprit or at least narrow it down. My question is, why wait till the food hits me? Why not do this exercise every day, and start looking for even the slightest difference in well-being. And if something does not agree with you, my suggestion is that you try it again and again, until you know for sure that you have identified the real culprit. And then avoid the same! Merely checking with others, whether they too underwent a negative reaction does not give enough respect to the individuality of each of us and our genetic makeup. Because each of one of us is different.[/one_second]


Tell yourself every day, what Kojak might have said to his inner self everyday, if only he knew this little secret.

Talk to me.