Healthy heart for a happier life!

Are you one among the crowd who takes health for granted? C’mon! It’s high time you give up that attitude and focus on your health to lead a happy life.

Heart, as you all know is the most critical part of our body that needs much care. A healthy diet is a must for your heart to function well. Researches state that 80% of heart diseases and stroke can be avoided if you are under a healthy diet plan coupled with some active exercise sessions. Wondering what is the diet plan for a healthy heart? To bring your blood sugar and pressure levels under control, glance through to know what is better to eat and what not to.

High density lipoprotein (HDL) present in plasma has apolipoprotein A-1 as its main protein component. The apolipoprotein is encoded by this gene. The protein’s main function is to push out cholesterol from the tissues to the liver from where it’s excreted. Heart conditions are a result of defects in this gene. When this gene does not function properly, the protein cannot remove cholesterol from the tissues hence it is not excreted and deposited in the heart walls. This in-turn lowers the HDL in plasma which leads to cardiac diseases.

Foods for a healthy heart:

[one_second]Essential Fats to take in:
A certain amount of good fat is necessary in our daily diet. Fish oils, flax seeds, olive oil, lean meat, egg white and avocados have low-fat substances that make our heart stay fit.[/one_second]

[one_second]Intake protein–rich food:
Protein is an important element when it comes to healthy diet. Food substances like low-fat dairy products, fish, legumes, soybeans and other soy products are rich in protein. Make sure to include these in your daily meal.[/one_second]

[one_second]Health-giving Veggies & Fruits:
Consuming veggies and fruits that have low calories makes your heart healthy. Our regular meal must have a portion of vegetables and fruits either fresh or frozen.[/one_second]

[one_second]High in fibre, edible whole grains:
Make it a habit to add some healthy whole grains to your plate to stay healthier. Grains like whole wheat, cereals, oatmeal, brown rice, barley, whole grain pasta are rich in fibre and help to regulate blood pressure in our body and also take care of the heart.[/one_second]

Foods that need to be avoided:

  • Intake of food that has high cholesterol and fat
  • Trans fats that are generally generated from fried foods cause serious heart diseases.
  • White bread or any food from the white flour should not be consumed in large amounts on a regular basis.
  • Bacon, sausages and other junk foods must be slowly cut down to control body weight and protect the heart from hazardous ailments.
  • Sodium intake should be minimized as much as possible.

Nutritionists and Dietitians advise people to avoid overeating. An overdose of anything is not good for your health (heart). Increase physical activity to shed weight and manage cholesterol levels as these are the main causes for a heart attack. Chart out a healthy diet plan. Substitute your favourite snack with some fresh fruits and nuts. Make your own meals with nutrition-rich ingredients. Owe yourself and put the right foot forward towards an effective lifestyle to live long happily with a healthy heart!