I am not sick and why is preventive healthcare important for me?

Haven’t you ever realized that life always dangles a bulky bag on your head – a bag that is packed with surprises and shocks? Even as you wonder what might land on your lap the next moment, you unwittingly let precious moments go by. Most often, the casualty is your health and wellness. If your aim is to not merely be alive, but well and healthy, shake yourself out of the fragile cocoon and walk across the flowery path of wellness to reach the eternal goal post of good health and lasting happiness.

Thanks to the advancements in the field of personal genomics, genomics counseling is now within the reach of common man who is plagued by doubts and apprehensions about issues regarding his health and wellness. It has brought about revolutionary changes in the landscape of healthcare, paving way for preventive healthcare.

Why should I preoccupy myself with preventive healthcare tips and methodologies when I am free from illness?

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Yes, let’s clear the cobwebs out of our minds. Preventive care is the first step an individual takes to achieve a better management of his health and add a few more healthy years to his precious life. The popular notion that you are healthy if you are not sick is a myth that instils false confidence in most of us. It turns us complacent and indifferent towards preventive healthcare that plays a key role in early detection of many minor and major health conditions. Needless to say, that preventive healthcare eliminates premature deaths and several avoidable tragedies involving diseases that go untraced. Diabetes being the most common among such diseases.

Hence, let us never forget that optimal wellness eludes even those who are not sick.

If the term preventive healthcare triggers anxieties in you, rest assured that it is not a complicated regimen that one is subjected to in order to identify infirmities. It all begins with that all important but simple step towards your physician’s clinic. And you have been told again and again that all great things have small beginnings. It is true here too!

Physical examinations and screenings apart, your doctor might seek information on family medical history to assess disease onset. These facilitate not merely identification of risk factors but also early detection of certain health conditions, especially in adults. Obesity, cardiac problems, hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure are a few medical conditions that are caused due to genetic reasons, among many others. A detailed study will enable your doctor to identify the risk factors and suggest a comprehensive preventive care programme that can effectively protect you from the odds in life.

Even in cases of chronic conditions, there are ways to reduce the risk factors to a great extent and enable the individuals to manage their illnesses and improve the quality of their lives. Implementation of healthy lifestyle strategies based on fitness and nutrition can go a long way in reducing or even eliminating the risk factors. After all, prevention is always better, easier and cheaper than cure.

Preventive health care is an investment that brings fruitful results. Let us not wait to learn about the importance and sweetness of health till we are bitten by the painful bugs of disease.

Start now even as your life speeds by!