In search of happiness and peace

I know that this might appear like the musings of a Yogi. Call me just a believer! I believe, for instance that I will live till the age of 100. I started believing this, believe it or not, as recently as just 12 years ago, on the 10th anniversary of not having gone to an allopathic Doctor. And its now 22 years. Yes, 22 years since I went to an allopathic Doctor. An occasional visit to the Ayurvedic Doctor and the rest is history. A gradual change in my lifestyle from extreme non-Yogi like alcohol drinking to moderate drinking, increasing vegetarian diet and of course, my daily quota of jogging and exercises. Oh yes incidentally! I have jogged in exactly 196 cities these last 40 years. Just kept adding and went for 100. Started serious counting again at 120 or so, and kept at it. Rules do not permit the addition of the same town twice. And suddenly I am just 4 short of my double century. And the last 4 towns/cities are taking forever.

I believe, for instance that it’s the food that is the key to longevity and happiness. The human body strangely appears programmed to eat as though every meal is your last meal. Some sanity seems to prevail in the morning hours, so our breakfast stops short of gluttony. But by lunch time, we are already licking our lips at the thought of an ample dinner. But true gluttony really shows up at dinner time (especially when accompanied by a couple of drinks). Well, I switched that around. I read somewhere (as you are reading today) that the breakfast should be my largest meal, lunch should be moderation and dinner should be the mildest. It’s amazing! And to think that for 60 years, I was doing the exact opposite.

Add my most recent discovery (how I wish I had taken this genetic metabolism assessment earlier) that I am milk intolerant. I stopped that milk and my acidity stopped. Something that I had grown to live with (amply supported by alcohol and cigarettes in my younger years) and no amount of antacids seemed to cure it. Imagine that! Genetic Science is the new Savior that is going to keep me going till the age of 100.

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