Obesity – The new age health disorder

Do you realize that we are in “Gen- Extra Large”? Obesity is considered to be one of the biggest health-related problem regardless of age, in the recent times. Researchers state that the situation was not this worse in our past. Due to the increasing change in the style of living coupled with unhealthy food habits Obesity has increased at a rapid rate.

When a survey to check the BMI (Body Mass Index) was taken in 1980, the results showed that 6% of men and 8% of women, above the age of 30 were obese. But then, in 2005, the survey results state that 23% of men and 25% of women face the problem of obesity. Isn’t this shocking?

Unsuitable food consumption and lack of physical activity are the major reasons for obesity.

Crucial causes of obesity:

  •  Insufficiency of energy balance- The amount of calories we take in is usually called ‘energy in’ whereas the amount of energy we use for respiration, digestion and other physical tasks is said to be ‘energy out’. A balance of energy in and out should be maintained. When energy in is larger than energy out, it leads to overweight / obesity.
  •  Environmental causes-Work schedule creates a huge impact on our health. Lack of recreation, high costing gyms, food adverts, exposure to huge food portions leading to overeating are some of the social and environmental causes.
  •  Lack of physical exercise: People often ignore exercising without understanding its adverse effects. The improved growth in technology has stopped people from playing physically.  Most of them just love to sit in front of a PC or a play- station to game on.
  •  Other causes: Smoking, lack of sleep, hereditary, hormone problems.

Hazards of Obesity:

Obesity would lead to risky diseases such as heart disorders, stroke, cancer, premature mortality, gallstones, reproductive problems and diabetes.

Obesity has tripled its rate among the teens and children in the past few years. This is undoubtedly related to the food habits and lazy, inactive lifestyle. Parents have to teach their child, the importance of exercise at their early ages.

Awareness programs and interesting physical training has been arranged by many organisations to educate people on the adverse effects. Remember, Prevention is better than Cure!