Shake a leg to live long, the healthy way!

Do you just love tapping your feet and shaking your hips for a peppy number? You’ve already taken a step towards living healthier. Dance, of all forms is considered to be the most simplest and enjoyable exercise to retain a healthy body and a sound mind.

What is Dancing all about?

There are numerous and diversified forms of dancing like Tangos, Sambas, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Flamenco and Waltz. Sounds like Greek and Latin to you? No worries! You need not be a pro to “Dance for health”. It also doesn’t matter if you’re in your sweet sixteen’s or in your early sixties. All that you need is the determination to do it to keep yourself fit.

A vigorous 30 minute dance workout is more than enough to start. Let yourself explore the creativity you possess in dancing. This is extra fun when you try out new magical moves each day.

As you age, the capacity to remember things fades out mildly. To age down healthy, dancing is a great way. It not only aids in maintaining your body in shape, but also helps in stimulating the growth of your brain cells, thereby enhancing brain power.

The New England Journal of Medicine states that people who engage themselves in ballroom dancing, at least twice a week are least prone to develop dementia.


Dancing brings into picture a number of benefits to both body and soul. Some of the top advantages are as follows;

  • Shapes up your body: You can tone up your body to a good shape by dancing with perfect moves. Put in more effort to get the perfect shape.
  • Enhances the posture of body: Dancing enables you to keep up the correct posture that your body should always have.
  • Flexibility: Your body muscles gain a great flexibility as you bend and stretch out well.
  • Improves Endurance and Strength: Dancing helps you to do prolonged work for long hours. Endurance is the fruit you get from dancing.
  • Boosts Confidence: As a social activity, dancing increases your level of confidence and self–esteem.


Now that you’ve seen the above benefits, get up and   Shake a leg, to Live Long the Healthy Way!