Take it with a pinch of salt

Although raised a non-vegetarian, I am, like any other Tamilian, partial to the traditional meal laid out on a banana leaf after a traditional Tamil wedding. It is soul-satisfying, yes, and there are some traditions worth preserving, but did I pay attention to the salt kept additionally on the leaf, along with the 25 other odd items?

Salt is one of the most ancient food seasonings, and understandably, a basic human taste.

It’s not just the taste that is attractive to humans, but it is essential for human survival and has been regarded a valuable commodity throughout history. It is essential for the body as it provides readily available forms of sodium and chloride, the most important electrolytes present in our cells. Reduction in these ions disturbs the whole body’s functioning, and can even lead to other side effects like giddiness, headache and nausea. Prolonged reduction in the sodium levels can even be fatal. Every human being is usually advised to consume 6-8 grams (approximately 1.5 tsp) of salt per day.

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