Understand your heart better through genes

Congrats! You have made a wise decision to stay heart-healthy by understanding your genes

What’s more impressive than a good head and a good heart? Nothing, right! Indeed, to think well you should stay healthy, and not just healthy, beyond that heart-healthy! Why specifically heart health? It’s because, it is this organ that keeps your body lively. A disturbance in heart health is an issue of concern as heart disease remains one of the biggest causes of death worldwide. Considering the rising rates of cardiac arrests that are sudden and fatal in our country, an immediate focus on timely diagnosis and appropriate management is of prime importance. As heart health is an outcome of nature (genetic make-up) and nurture (lifestyle), preventive lifestyle approaches should strongly be based on genetic insights. The preventive healthcare industry is now in a milieu wherein predictive, non-invasive (painless) genetic assessments and heart age ascertaining questions on aspects like lifestyle, family history and current health status are adapted as new milestones for a hale and heart-healthy life.


Follow these to make your heart beat in a healthy way

  1. Understand what your genes have to say about heart health, as they are the key to tailor-made preventive approaches
  2. Monitor your health parameters periodically
  3. Keep your blood pressure levels in control with a healthy sodium intake. Also remember, your genes decide how much sodium is  good for you! So start personalizing now!
  4. Eat a balanced diet as every nutrient has a remarkable role in heart health
  5. Restrict dietary saturated and trans-fats as they increase bad cholesterol levels. Base your restriction on genetic insights
  6. Dietary cholesterol in excess is your heart’s foe, so wisely choose low cholesterol foods
  7. Optimally include heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your diet
  8. Your heart is healthy when your plate has omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid rich foods, like flax seeds, walnut and fish
  9. Do not end your day without exercise, as physical activity mounts high your good cholesterol levels
  10. Stress is inevitable, yet harmful! So have some coping strategies
  11. Discipline your habits in a heart-healthy way! Say no to smoking and alcohol