Walk! It’s the first step towards a healthy life

Benefits of Walking.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step- so goes a famous Chinese proverb. This saying is applicable to greater achievements in any walk of life and good health is no exception to this. Though in younger life good health is taken for granted, as we get older, good health becomes more and more elusive and beyond a certain point it becomes to appear like mission impossible and we give up hope.

Several research studies have documented benefits of even small levels of exercise on a consistent basis. All it takes is literally a few steps a day, one step at a time. We often spend a great deal of money and effort to stay fit and healthy. We forget that ordinary things can put us in shape and make us physically strong. Walking indeed is a very good exercise. It is easy to do and also has several benefits. It is an excellent fat burner. In addition to that, walking has a lot more to offer! Let’s explore.

How a walk a day can help you?

  • Walking improves your muscle strength and helps build stamina.
  • Walking can enhance your heart health.
  • It also reduces your blood pressure and improves your blood circulation and cardiovascular functions.
  • Walking is good for your bones. It will make your bones stronger. It increases the bone density slows down bone loss in your legs. Thus it slows the arthritis rate.
  • Walking is a low-impact exercise that is good for your spine, legs and hips. There are fewer injuries when you walk than when you do rigorous workouts.
  • Not only physically, walking can help you mentally too. It is an effective stress buster. A walk in the fresh air can boost your mood.
  • Walking can prevent type 2 diabetes. People who do not walk regularly are at a higher risk of gaining diabetes.
  • Walking may prevent diseases like colon and breast cancer.
  • Walking improves your balance and coordination levels.
  • Walking does not need any expensive equipment. It is a simple exercise.
  • As you walk daily you can make friends and acquaintances. It builds your social life.
  • Walking has many cognitive benefits as it improves memory in elders and cognitive control in the younger generation.
  • Walking can boost your immunity.

How to walk?

  • Buy a nice pair of walking shoes. You can walk in any attire that you feel comfortable in.
  • Set aside a time for your walking session. It may be in the morning or the evening or spread through the day, a few steps at a time. Take the steps as opposed to the elevator
  • Get a walking partner if necessary. They will push you to come out and walk when you tend to be lazy. Join a walking club in your neighbourhood or at office.
  • Choose a place to walk. Parks, fields and stadiums are the best. Roads are too busy and congested. Also, pick a pollution-free environment and time of the day to walk.
  • Warm up before walking. Do a couple of stretches.
  • Walk with your head up and sway your hands as you walk.

Do not forget to walk a target number of steps daily. It is a minimal investment with vast payoffs as it will spare you pain, illness and hospital bills over the long term.


So, take the step, today!