Your health is in your hands

I know this statement may sound like a cliche, but unfortunately it is in fact one of today’s realities. Let me try and convince you with the three following facts.


  • India is the third most obese country anywhere in the world. Given that we often think of obesity as a disease associated wimodern day health careth the western world due to their bad diets filled with unhealthy calories and supersize meals, this statistic becomes even more shocking when we realize that 270 million Indians live below the poverty level.
  • It is estimated that 61.3 million people aged between 20 to 79 years live with diabetes in India (2011 estimates), and this number is expected to increase to 101.2 million by 2030. Additionally, we Indians actually get diabetes on average 10 years earlier than our Western counterparts, and according to the WHO, if one adult in a low-income family has diabetes, “as much as 25% of their family income may be devoted to diabetes care.”
  • The rate of cardiovascular disease mortality in India in the 30-59-year age group is double that in the USA. According to Center for Disease Control in the USA, 70% of all health care costs and 75% of deaths are due to preventable conditions. These are conditions that could have been avoided, but we allowed them to occur in our bodies and then suffer from their often-fatal consequences. These conditions include diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and many Heart conditions.

Most scientists and doctors now agree that smoking will lead to a preventable health condition. And although people often scorn at smokers for deliberately harming themselves, smoking is actually only a small component within preventable conditions.

The other substances that could be just as addictive as nicotine but don’t quite get the same attention and blame are 1) sugar 2) white flour 3) salt 4) fat.

The processed food industry has known about the addictive capacity of these substances for years and have used them in just the right amounts to get people hooked, often at an early age and therefore for life. All one has to do is to look at products like sodas, colas, sweets, chips, cookies and other junk food, which have multi-billion dollars worth of yearly consumptions whilst adding little or no nutritional and health value. Couple that with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we have unfortunately created a recipe for disaster.

Strangely, because we have never really looked at these substances in the same way before, people will never admit to themselves that they are addicted to these substances – but the economics don’t lie! Most people don’t want to admit that they belong to the 70% statistic that are voraciously buying up all kinds of diseases with their hard earned cash.

India is the diabetic capital of the world and 99% of diabetes is Type 2, which is fully preventable, even when it runs in the family. What is the excuse that 60+ million diabetics in India have?

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]So my advice to you is to do the right thing, take action today and protect yourself and your family by following simple modifications to your diet and lifestyle. Let’s make these horrendous statistics some thing that belongs to the past![/blockquote]



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