5 Indian recipes that will get you on the road to wellness – Vegetarian edition

Getting ready to take that step to a healthier you? Maybe it was your new year’s resolution to lose some weight. Or maybe you’re preparing yourself for that big 5K, 10K or half marathon. Whatever your reason, it’s never too late to get on the road to lifelong wellness. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste though. Indian cuisine offers some great mouthwatering recipes that will keep you hale and healthy! Here are 5 vegetarian Indian recipes that will keep you healthy and happy.

1. Moong Dal

One of the easiest lentil recipes to make, Moong Dal is a very nutritious and healthy food. One of the great things about this food is that you can add any vegetable to it that you like and make for an even healthier recipe! Lentils form a big part of Indian meals. And they do so for a reason. Along with high fiber and good protein content, lentils are also an excellent source of some B vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Add to it the myriad of recipes that can be made with lentils suitable for even when you are in a time crunch and you truly have a super food!.

2. Black Bean Soup

Black beans are a great source of protein with approximately 15g of protein in each serving. With an equal amount of fiber, it is without a doubt one of the best foods for your digestive tract. With at least 8 different flavonoids in the black beans’ coat, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants around. Soaking black beans makes them much easier to cook and preserves nutrients. So with a little bit of planning i.e. soaking the beans the previous night or a few hours ahead, try this fantastic spicy vegan black bean soup recipe will blow your mind!.

3. Instant Oats Idly

A staple of the south Indian breakfast menu, the idly-sambar duo was shown to be the most nutritious Indian breakfast in a survey conducted in the 4 major metros. However, one of the downsides to idly is that it takes a lot of effort to prepare. Enter the instant oats idly. Combining the high fiber content of oats with a quick and easy recipe helps this all-star make the list of vegetarian recipes that will keep you on the road to wellness.

4. Vegetables in Spinach Gravy

If what happens to Popeye after eating spinach is any indication of its health benefits, we could all do with a lot more of it in our diet. As far as super foods go, spinach is one of the leaders in the race to make you healthier. An extremely rich source of antioxidants and iron, adding spinach to your diet is a known way to keep your skin healthy as well! Unfortunately not everyone loves spinach the way Popeye does. But what if I told you I could find a way to make spinach irresistible? And what if I told you could also add lots of other veggies to it and still have a tasty recipe? Here is your answer! Bonus recipe: Add spinach to the moong dal dish above and get the benefits of both super foods!.

5. Brown Rice Vegetable Pulao

No one can resist a good vegetable pulao. However, basmati rice has a high glycemic index, and is not very suitable for diabetics on a diet. Brown rice on the other hand is high in fiber, antioxidants and minerals. With many health benefits, brown rice is known to help stabilize sugar levels as well. Choosing this healthier alternative to white rice to make brown rice vegetable pulao is a great way to combine nutritional value and taste, truly a recipe for wellness!