DNA isn’t destiny; it is what you make of it

Scrambling in the kitchen to make one “wonder meal” that pleases the taste buds of your husband and kids.
Missing your mom who whipped up multiple meals that catered to all of our tastes as children. You are in a restaurant and everyone in the restaurant trying to order different foods.
Does this scene sound familiar to you? Have you ever wondered if each of you liked to eat different things, could it be that your body might also ‘want’ or ‘need’ different foods?

Now fast forward to year 2020

[hr height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]You are at that same restaurant and order your all time favourite biryani. The waiter does not check do you want it mild or spicy anymore. Instead he says, “Can I have your genetic data sir?”

For what? So that your biryani is cooked with the right meat and ingredients, oil and flavor best suited for your body. Your taste alone is not unique, so are your genes that are the blueprint of your body. Your DNA goes beyond identity; it is the unique code that decides your metabolic rate, your body composition and puts you at high/low risk to various diseases.

Have you wondered why your friend who follows the same diet as you loses weight faster? Well, it all depends on your metabolism and body composition. The same food made in the same style of cooking could show different results in different people.

Your genes determine your metabolic rate, i.e., your ability to digest carbohydrates and fats. Which is why, one diet does not fit all. It needs to be customized based on your body, your DNA and your lifestyle. Today, there are tests available to determine what kind of foods you should consume and how much.

Personalized nutrition has arrived and will create amazing options for us in the near future. You are feeling thirsty and you go to the nearest vending machine and what you find is 16 different kinds of Cola. You place your thumb on the scanning device, the machine reads your print and sends it to the cloud where the data is matched with your DNA (genome).

Depending on your DNA, your health risk and diet pattern is identified and the data is transmitted back to the vending machine. Based on this, the right kind of Cola is delivered to you. All this happens in a matter of seconds.

Welcome to the “genomic revolution”

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In 2003, when the human genome was made public, it took more than 15 years and cost over 3 billion dollars. Fast forward to 2015; genetic science is fast evolving and already making a huge impact in areas such as medical and consumer genetics.

Today it takes roughly around $2000 and it takes around 24 hours to sequence a single human genome. More importantly, genetic information is being combined with traditional screenings such as biomedical tests, family history and lifestyle screening to deliver personalized health and wellness solutions to individuals and families.

So, is DNA what we are born with and is there no way of changing it? No, DNA is all about what you make of it.

DNA assessment and Personalized Nutrition:

[hr height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]But you might wonder- my parents have diabetes, and since it is genetic, I am likely to get the disease as well. Your life is doomed! Well, not really. Yes, the chances of you getting Diabetes are high, but you could alter the age at which you get the same, or how your body reacts to the condition all through nutrition and lifestyle changes that fit you.

Start young, start early, and this is the only way you gift yourself a healthy long life that you deserve. In fact, children as young as 5 years of age can take this genetic assessment. A genetic assessment taken now can put your child on the path towards discovering new things about himself/herself, and change his/her life.

Customization is the mantra of tomorrow

[hr height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]The diet pattern, the exercise regime, and the lifestyle all needs to be custom made for every individual. And this can be done only based on understanding of DNA.

Creating a unique schedule and structure for each person translates to everyone leading a life that suits their body, understanding the needs and demands, giving the body exactly what it needs to lead a long healthy life.

Besides this, things around us are changing too. People have realised the true value of their DNA and how it will help alter their life path. Creating a unique food pattern, schedule and structure for each person translates to everyone leading a life that suits their body, understanding the needs and demands, giving the body exactly what it needs to lead a long healthy life.

Your DNA could become your ticket, your identity to a better tomorrow.

Original article appeared here / Source: Yahoo