Relationship between DNA and Nutrition – Nutrigenomics

By now you must be wondering, why are we talking about nutrition and our biological DNA in the same breath? The answer is the most recent field called Nutrigenomics.


Nutrigenomics is a field of science that explores the relationship between nutritional food components and genes. Several scientific breakthroughs in recent decades have been made in this field, helping us understand specific aspects like–

  • How diet and nutrition influence gene expression
  • The interplay of genes and nutrition and their interaction in determining an individual’s diet, meal pattern and other factors that influence this interaction.

Nutrigenomics allows us to personalize diet based on genetic makeup of each individual. A DNA assessment that enables us to study specific genetic markers for various metabolic conditions helps us understand the dietary needs of a person and modify the food type, pattern and quantity of intake accordingly to suit his/her genes.

We at 100andlife, assess you genetically for several metabolic traits for which we have arrived at tailor-made dietary recommendations. Your nutrient requirements are formulated to suit your genetic variations identified in your DNA.

Now we look at how commonly consumed food items like coffee, milk etc metabolism is affected by your genetic makeup.