How do I choose a gene test that is best for me?

As a consumer of genetic information, it helps to know a few things that only industry insiders would know.

Number of genes being investigated:

Humans have approximately 26,000 genes that perform various functions in the body. Gene tests range from single gene tests to full genome tests. Obviously the more the number of genes, the more expensive the test is. However, it does not scale linearly, meaning, if one gene is $1, then 10,000 genes is not $10,000. As the number of genes goes up, the price goes up but not one to one. Today, you can expect to pay as low as $20 for one genetic data point to $150 for 500,000 genetic data points. So which one should you chose? Clearly, one should opt for the larger number of data points as it gives you more data to work with for not too much more money.

Technology used:

Not all technologies are the same. Some are more expensive than others. Depending on which technology was used to analyze the genes, the price could differ. But a more expensive technology is not necessarily better. For example, some companies may be using an older and more expensive version of the technology they have been using for the past many years, because they did not want to invest in newer machines. This could also be the cause of higher costs. So find out why the charges are higher.

Lab costs:

Companies differ in various ways various procedures are performed and the certifications they have obtained for their lab. For example, a lab that has secured US certifications such as CAP/CLIA may be more expensive than the one which does not have that certification, because there are more costs involved in securing and maintaining that certification.

Bottom Line: Which test should I go for?

Based on the current technology landscape, for most people, large panel genotyping will be the most value for money. These types of services are offered by 23&me, Ancestry DNA, Xcode Life sciences among others. You can expect to spend about $150 with each of these companies to get the test done. However, the type of reports will differ significantly. For example, 23&me and ancestry focus on ancestry. Whereas, Xcode Life Sciences provides reports that include ancestry, Nutrition, Fitness, Allergy, Skin, Pharmacogenetics, among several others.

Advantage of choosing Xcode

Once you have the genetic data, you need the best interpretation of the genetic results in the most understandable way with practical recommendations. This is what Xcode does best.

Today, Xcode has one the largest collections of gene specific reports in the industry. At Xcode, you could get the genetic test done if you wish to or if you have already done your gene test from 23&me or Ancestry or any other company, simply upload the 23&me raw DNA data or Ancestry DNA raw data and get it interpreted for a small fee. You can chose to only buy reports that you need. Our platform offers the flexibility to store and analyze your data as long as you want. When we release a new report and you wish to buy it, you have to just log into the platform and buy the specific report for a small fee. Our services are one of the best and most price competitive in the industry, globally.