7 Billion and counting

[idea]The Population of the world is arguably nearly 7 billion now and we are still counting. It is difficult to believe that the world can sustain this population without major interventions from technology and Science.  As recently as the year 1900, WHO reported India as having an age expectancy of 32 years. One 100 years later, and in the year 2000, the age expectancy had gone up to 63 years. Another 100 years and the life expectancy could have easily gone up to 99 years. That means several of you who are reading this blog, are actually going to live up to 99 and beyond. On the one side, we can attribute this to the miracle of Science and technology. On the other hand, we need to ensure that folks live healthily up to 99 years and beyond. The quest for the holy grail is on relentlessly. But is this quest working in the right direction?[/idea]


Botox and other treatments “manage” the exterior without addressing the inside of the body. We don’t consciously think about it, but the ravages of our lifestyle gets reflected first on the insides and then on the outsides. When the body gets affected inside, it first sends warning signals. Pain, discomfort, fever are examples of these signals. These signals are symptoms of a larger problem and the body is drawing our attention to the same. Think of an ankle which hurts mildly at the beginning of a game you are playing and as the game proceeds, the pain is becoming increasingly obvious and if you continue to ignore it, you will be carried out in a stretcher with a torn ligament or broken ankle. In trying to accommodate the pain you were experiencing, you put additional weight on the other leg, and changed your stance increasing the strain of the body on parts that previously had not been exposed to such strain. Those body parts are now experiencing some discomfort. All discomfort results eventually in pain and then eventually the failure of some part or organ. The results of this torture shows on your face, and push it along for years and it permanently etches itself on your face.  So what is the Botox going to do for you.

Botox will temporarily (say for a year or two) provide additional cushioning inside the face, so that your skin in once again taut and tight. It has done a cosmetic change on your face, but the inside continues to scream for attention.

“Hey boss, I broke my ankle and you want to know how?” says the voice on the phone and Kojak replies.