Benefits of milk on skin

Milk is not just for bone health, but for skin health too. Better complexion, lighter skin with tighter pores, and a great agent that gives your skin a youthful look!

If you do not believe your grandmother who keeps saying that the kitchen is the ultimate store-house of the best cosmetics that a woman could ever dream of, it is time to do a rethink. Shorn of glamour, the home-made beauty products may have less appeal. But these natural products are free of harmful chemicals and can bestow radiance and sparkle without denting your wallet.

The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra was partial to milk and used it as a vital ingredient to unlocking the secret of her beauty. While it is a known fact that milk adds strength to our bones, the efficacy of milk in the upkeep of our skin remains untapped. All one needs to do is to head to the refrigerator and take a few spoonsful of “benevolent” milk that can do wonders to your skin without much fuss.

Know the benefits of milk on skin, here are some hassle-free tips to enhance your skin’s beauty using milk. It is magic all the way!

  1. Moisturizer:

Milk is an excellent moisturizer. Apply boiled or raw milk along with its cream on your face and give a gentle massage. Wash it off with cold water after 10 minutes to witness a smooth and glowing face.

  1. Anti-aging agent:

Regular application of milk as a face pack smoothens out the fine lines and the wrinkles on your face and delays the onset of aging. Smash a ripe banana to make a smooth paste with milk. Apply this paste and wash it off after 15 minutes.

  1. Lightens your complexion:

Milk has a fantastic effect on removing your tan. Just scrub raw milk on your face and neck. Wash it off to get a fair and smooth skin. You can also mix milk with other ingredients such as besan, multani mitti or any other face pack. It also acts as a bleaching agent when added to two spoons of honey and a few drops of lemon.

  1. Relieves skin irritation:

Apply plain milk or butter milk to get rid of skin irritation or sunburnt skin. It soothes and heals the skin.

  1. Radiant skin:

A face pack made of powdered milk and honey removes dead skin cells and restores radiance to your skin. If you are in a mood to indulge, go ahead and add a few glasses of milk to your water bath and floor the onlookers with your radiant physique.

Acts as cleanser:

Milk is an effective cleansing agent. Take a cotton ball and dip it in milk. Wipe it all over your face to remove the dirt. Wash your face after 5 minutes. Do it on a daily basis for best results.

  1. Shrinks pores:

All dairy products can be applied to shrink facial pores. However sour milk shrinks the size of large pores effectively. Rub sour milk on your face and neck and wash it off after 5 minutes.

  1. Hair conditioner:

Milk acts as a very good hair conditioner. Apply milk to your hair, especially your scalp and wash it off with water after 20 minutes. It gives your hair a smooth and shiny texture. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff.