What models do to get a flawless skin?

Models have the kind of amazing, perfect, translucent skin that makes you wonder if she is frozen in her twenties or is it just the make-up. In spite of their hectic schedules and long hours of working, nothing comes in the way of them looking radiant on and off the ramp. How do they manage to look presentable all times? It turns out that a model’s face is full of secrets and we’re here to spill them. The first rule towards getting a model like the skin is “prevention- better than cure”. Just like controlling lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity by having a healthy diet and regular exercise, a glowing skin can be achieved by adding a few more steps to it. So, here are 5 secrets which have a great impact on skin, along with make-up tips for glowing skin.

5 secret factors to get a flawless skin

Breathe: Breathing can help you get rid of dark spots on your skin? Yes, it surprisingly does!  Deep breaths reduce the stress level of both body and mind, making you feel more relaxed and result in decreased cortisol levels which reduce pimples and rashes leaving your face soft and supple.

Silence is the key to all problems: Too much of talking leads to skin damage. Speaking a lot can be fun but it can bombard our body and mind with an overdose of frivolity. Whereas silence will conserve a lot of energy. Silence combined with deep meditation will give you amazing results on skin.

Sweat it out: Include some kind of physical activity in your routine. It could be anything from jogging to cycling or dancing to aerobics. All that is required is for your body to sweat. Sweat releases toxins from the skin and increases the blood circulation making your skin glow.

Save your mind to protect your body: Any negative emotion has a negative effect on your skin. If you’re unhappy, angry or frustrated your skin simply cannot look beautiful. You need to create a shield around you to block all the negative energy. It cannot be achieved overnight but requires a lot of practice. Once you have achieved it you will remain calm, composed and elegantly beautiful even in the most panic situation.

Know yourself: How often have you felt that on a particular day your skin feels drier? Or the same product which you and your friend use do not have the same effect? The answer lies in your genes. Understanding your skin type is very important. Take a look at your family members and get an idea of the possible tendency of your skin. If your family members tend to show early signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging of skin and pigmentation, you might start treating it at an early stage. Another best way to do it is by taking a non-invasive genetic assessment test offered by Come Alive. Where you get a personalized nutritional and facial regimen specially designed for your genetic make-up.

5 makeup tips which models follow

Coconut oil is a natural cleanser: Instead of using the chemical laden cleanser use coconut oil to remove your makeup. It dissolves even the heaviest of the makeup by removing every speck of it. It also has added on benefits on the skin.

Get that natural blush: A lot of us apply foundation first and then dab the blush, right? The professional makeup artist does the reverse, they set in the blush first and then layer up with the foundation. That’s the secret to get a healthy flush of color that looks natural and subtle.

Use lemon slices to make your nails shine: If your nails are stained even after removing the nail paint with a nail polish remover, rub a slice of lemon on your nails and see the stain disappear.

Divert the attention: If you’re having a bad skin day with blemishes and rashes on your skin, the trick to divert the attention to another part of your face. Apply a darker shade of lipstick, preferably red which will stand out and make your lips the center of attention.

Get that glow: That amazing glow you see on the faces of all the supermodels is the trick used in makeup. Mix your favorite moisturizer generously in makeup foundation and then apply it on to the face. This way, the skin remains thoroughly moisturized and glowing throughout the day.

Nothing is impossible to achieve. Just by pampering and nurturing your skin, it will speak out for you with that radiant and flawless look.