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Super Saver Packs

Genome Pack


For a 360° understanding of your genetic blueprint. Take complete charge of your health and wellbeing with this all-inclusive bundle using your existing DNA data. The Genome Pack includes Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Skin, Traits and Personality, Gene Sleep, MTHFR and Methylation, Gene Health, Gene Allergy, BRCA and Breast Cancer, and Personalized Medicine reports.

Health Pack


Uncover valuable information about your disease risk, allergies and drug sensitivities, breast cancer genes, and tailored recommendations using your existing DNA data. This pack includes Gene Health, Gene Allergy, BRCA and Breast Cancer, and Personalized Medicine reports.

Wellness Pack


Get insights into optimizing your diet, workout regime, skincare routine, sleep hygiene, and mental health using your existing DNA data. This pack includes Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Skin, Traits and Personality, Gene Sleep, and MTHFR and Methylation reports.

Health and Wellness Reports

Gene Nutrition


From lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity to vitamin, mineral, & macro needs. Our users experience significant improvement in their diet after taking this report.

Gene Fitness


Aerobic, heart, & lung capacity, power & endurance workouts & more. The one-stop report on how to optimize your workouts with DNA-based recommendations.

Gene Health


Take charge of your health by understanding your risk for over 40 chronic conditions. Personalized recommendations to help lower your risk & possibly prevent them.

Allergy and Drug Sensitivities


Understand the root cause of your allergies with a DNA-based report. Identify genetic risk factors & get personalized recommendations for relief and management.

Gene Skin


Understand your risk for skin conditions based on your DNA. Report covers wrinkles, acne, rosacea, cellulite, stretch marks, and several other skin issues.

Personalized Medicine


Identify gene variants that influence drug responses and risk of side effects. Discuss with your doctor to optimize drug dosages and treatment based on your DNA.

Methylation & MTHFR


The MTHFR gene is the basis of several essential metabolic pathways. Identify MTHFR gene variants that could put you at risk for folic acid deficiency.

BRCA & Breast Cancer


Understand how your genes influence the risk of breast cancer with a BRCA report. Get personalized recommendations for timely screening and management options.

Traits and Personality


Dig deep into your personality and behavioral traits by understanding your genes. Learn about leadership potential, anger & many other personality traits

Gene Sleep


Get a better understanding of how genes influence your sleep pattern and sleep disorder risk. Improve your sleep health and hygiene with DNA-based recommendations.

How our reports have helped our customer

Ash Goodwin
May 2, 2023
Useful and easy to understand health reports from dna data
I received my Xcode life reports within the timeframe promised using my 23andme data and got useful new information from the reports to inform nutrition and supplemental strategies. Thank you!
Danielle Mccann
April 30, 2023
Very interesting and detailed reports.
Very interesting and detailed reports. Easy to understand without a scientific background. Helped me personally with what I was looking for. Thanks from McCann.
Amanda Isabel
March 9, 2023
Perfect and very usefull!
Perfect and very usefull! I bought the fitness, sleep and nutrition, and it makes so much sense for me and is very helpfull. I recommend for my husband, brother and parents. Date of experience: March 01, 2023
Heather Stewart
March 8, 2023
Quick and Thorough
The reports are so thorough and simple enough to understand. I had my results so fast and it really helped me to learn more about my health. Definitely would recommend this service. H. Stewart Date of experience: March 07, 2023
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