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Gene Nutrition

Updated with 12 new traits!
Get nutrition and diet insights from your 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, Living DNA, MyHeritage DNA or WGS raw data.

Traits covered in this report include:

Tendency to gain weight, Tendency to overeat, Tendency to prefer fatty foods, Tendency to prefer sweet foods, Tendency to prefer bitter foods, Carbohydrate intake & weight gain tendency, Fibre intake & weight loss tendency, Saturated fats intake & weight gain tendency, MUFA intake & weight gain tendency, PUFA intake & weight gain tendency, Protein intake & weight loss tendency, Tendency to regain weight, Vitamin A needs, Vitamin B2 needs, Vitamin B12 needs, Vitamin B6 needs, Vitamin B9 needs, Vitamin C needs, Vitamin D needs, Vitamin E needs, Vitamin K needs, Calcium needs, Choline needs, Copper needs, Iron needs, Magnesium needs, Phosphate needs, Selenium needs, Zinc needs, Antioxidant needs, Caffeine consumption, Caffeine metabolism, Gluten sensitivity, Lactose intolerance, Alcohol flush, Salt intake & blood pressure sensitivity, Riboflavin & blood pressure response, Coenzyme Q10 levels, Snacking, Alcohol dependance, Nicotine dependance, Homocysteine levels, Bone mineral density, Mediterranean diet response, Body mass index, Adiponectin levels, Emotional eating, Cilantro taste aversion
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Xcode Nutrition report
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