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Dawn Petrich
October 5, 2023
Xcode Life is definitely worth every penny!!!
I have been struggling for years searching for answers for health issues I have been having. Sending in my DNA to getting the results took less then 24hours. So simple, most importantly I may now have the answers I have been seeking all this time. Will definitely keep spreading the word. There is way to many people that could truly benefit from this
Crystal Davidson
September 2, 2023
Easy and comprehensive.
It was easy to use my 23ndMe raw data to generate the Xcode results. The results were comprehensive and gave me insights that will improve my overall dietary needs and fitness regimine.
Elizabeth Moody
September 1, 2023
Useful genetic marker information
Customer services promptly replied to my email, and the information on genetic markers was very insightful!! All I needed was raw data dna file and was given accurate and useful dna info regarding disease markers.
S Mac
June 27, 2023
Excellent service!
Simple and easy to navigate and upload files. Quick results, received within 12 hours. Competitive pricing. Reports are detailed, clear and easy to understand. Date of experience: June 12, 2023

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Start by choosing a report from our offerings. Single reports as well as bundle packs are available.

Upload Your Data

We accept DNA data from all major ancestry, and health genetic testing companies. Full list of accepted formats.
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View Your Reports

Your results will be ready within 24 Hrs. You will receive an email once your reports are ready.

Health and Wellness Reports

Gene Nutrition

Original price was: $60.Current price is: $40.

From lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity to vitamin, mineral, & macro needs. Our users experience significant improvement in their diet after taking this report.

Gene Fitness

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $30.

Aerobic, heart, & lung capacity, power & endurance workouts & more. The one-stop report on how to optimize your workouts with DNA-based recommendations.

Gene Health

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $50.

Take charge of your health by understanding your risk for over 40 chronic conditions. Personalized recommendations to help lower your risk & possibly prevent them.

Allergy and Drug Sensitivities

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $50.

Understand the root cause of your allergies with a DNA-based report. Identify genetic risk factors & get personalized recommendations for relief and management.

Gene Skin

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $30.

Understand your risk for skin conditions based on your DNA. Report covers wrinkles, acne, rosacea, cellulite, stretch marks, and several other skin issues.

Personalized Medicine

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $50.

Identify gene variants that influence drug responses and risk of side effects. Discuss with your doctor to optimize drug dosages and treatment based on your DNA.

Methylation & MTHFR

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $30.

Learn your status for 14+ methylation genes, including MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, COMT, and AHCY.

BRCA & Breast Cancer

Original price was: $60.Current price is: $40.

Understand how your genes influence the risk of breast cancer with a BRCA report. Get personalized recommendations for timely screening and management options.

Traits and Personality

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $30.

Dig deep into your personality and behavioral traits by understanding your genes. Learn about leadership potential, anger & many other personality traits

Gene Sleep

Original price was: $50.Current price is: $30.

Get a better understanding of how genes influence your sleep pattern and sleep disorder risk. Improve your sleep health and hygiene with DNA-based recommendations.

Caffeine report


With the help of the personalized recommendations provided in the report, make informed decisions about your caffeine intake, optimizing your health and well-being.

Super Saver Packs

Genome Pack

Original price was: $380.Current price is: $199.

For a 360° understanding of your genetic blueprint. Take complete charge of your health and wellbeing with this all-inclusive bundle using your existing DNA data. The Genome Pack includes Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Skin, Traits and Personality, Gene Sleep, MTHFR and Methylation, Gene Health, Gene Allergy, BRCA and Breast Cancer, and Personalized Medicine reports.

Health Pack

Original price was: $190.Current price is: $160.

Uncover valuable information about your disease risk, allergies and drug sensitivities, breast cancer genes, and tailored recommendations using your existing DNA data. This pack includes Gene Health, Gene Allergy, BRCA and Breast Cancer, and Personalized Medicine reports.

Wellness Pack

Original price was: $190.Current price is: $160.

Get insights into optimizing your diet, workout regime, skincare routine, sleep hygiene, and mental health using your existing DNA data. This pack includes Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Skin, Traits and Personality, Gene Sleep, and MTHFR and Methylation reports.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At Xcode Life we never share your information with third parties, even anonymously. You are always in charge of your data and can delete it at any time.
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What Our Users Say

Listen to real stories from our users. At Xcode Life users are the #1 priority. Join our growing list of users who have changed their lives with health insights from their DNA raw data.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Xcode Life protect user privacy?

Please review our complete privacy statement on our Privacy page.

Why should I get my genetic reports from Xcode Life?

Among the companies offering DNA health insights, Xcode Life has the largest portfolio of genetic trait reports. Xcode Life's scientific team curates information from authentic research publications and presents this information as actionable wellness insights in your reports. Xcode Life also accepts a wide variety of raw data files ranging from genotyping (ancestry tests) to Whole Genome Sequencing.

Can I delete my information whenever I want?

You have full control over your data. You can delete all your information including all files and even your account can be deleted.

What I should know before I purchase genetic reports

Consumer genetic reports are for informational purposes only. The results in consumer genetic reports are not intended for diagnostic use. Human traits are influenced by our genes, our environment, and our lifestyle choices. Hence, genetic trait information must be considered alongside your non-genetic information to fully understand the manifestation of your traits.

Which file formats are supported in Xcode Life?

Xcode Life gene reports are compatible with all types of formats provided by major companies such as 23andme, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, Living DNA, and My Heritage DNA files. Check out the full list of compatible data types here.

How is the information in my report generated?

The information contained in your report is curated from peer-reviewed scientific research studies. Our scientific team reviews the nature and strength of association and allocates appropriate weightage to each marker. The genetic predisposition is then augmented with actionable insights, where applicable, to help the user adopt beneficial dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Is it possible to get health information from ancestry tests?

Ancestry tests generate approximately 800,000 gene markers. These markers not only contain your ancestry information, but also contain a large amount health related information. In fact, most ancestry companies now use a gene testing chip specifically designed for health reports, with ancestry markers added to it. So the bulk of the ancestry test data is actually health related data. At Xcode Life, we offer more than 15 different types of health and wellness reports containing more than 700 traits. We continue to add reports to our offerings on a regular basis.

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