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Angela Goddard Avatar
Angela Goddard

positive review  The report was easy to understand and provided a good insight into what may lie ahead in regards to future... read more - 1/26/2020

Kristina Halvorsen Avatar
Kristina Halvorsen

positive review  I would recommend for things such as Gene coding and medications, but make sure you know exactly what you're getting.... read more - 1/21/2020

Judy DeBock Musgrove Avatar
Judy DeBock Musgrove

positive review  I got a very interesting and useful report on how my genetics impact my diet - definitely worth the money... read more - 1/15/2020

Robin Templeton Avatar
Robin Templeton

positive review  I conjunction with my other DNA report, Xcode gave more information to help support a healthy lifestyle and what I... read more - 1/12/2020

Shirley Walker Avatar
Shirley Walker

positive review  Very helpful info a quite a bit of info that I wasn’t aware pertained to me - 1/10/2020

Stacie Kerstetter Stroup Avatar
Stacie Kerstetter Stroup

positive review  So first I need to mention that this is a report of what you are predisposed to. That does... read more - 1/09/2020

Tom McCullough Avatar
Tom McCullough

positive review  The report was interesting and accurate. it confirmed what I intuitively believed. highly recommend the service. - 1/08/2020

Kristie Kolb Hoerres Avatar
Kristie Kolb Hoerres

positive review  The data is very easy to read and very insightful. I would highly recommend this to others and have done... read more - 1/07/2020

Samantha Biron Avatar
Samantha Biron

positive review  I posted a detailed description of my great experience about Xcode - Keeps You Healthy on my Facebook page. Great,... read more - 1/07/2020

Teanna Moye Avatar
Teanna Moye

positive review  So I had so many speculations about my diet,allergies and working out. I decided to buy they most purchased Xcode... read more - 1/07/2020

Melissa Moyer Spencer Avatar
Melissa Moyer Spencer

positive review  I love the information I got from the Xcode analysis! I learned that i can loose weight by eating... read more - 1/04/2020

David Moser Avatar
David Moser

Got the Mega Report for my wife and I and it did not disappoint. Much better use of our DNA... read more - 12/16/2019

Carl Yates Avatar
Carl Yates

positive review  I wish they told you which dna files are recommended on the website as better as they have more markers... read more - 12/11/2019

Karen Werner Avatar
Karen Werner

XCode is amazing and provided me with a wealth of health-related insights I had no idea about, based on my... read more - 12/10/2019

Karen Werner Avatar
Karen Werner

positive review  I uploaded my genome file to XCode because I wanted to know if I had the MTHRFR gene on methylation.... read more - 12/10/2019

Amanda Lynn Court Avatar
Amanda Lynn Court

positive review  excited to try some vitamins recommended in the results! fast results - 12/08/2019

Breanne King Avatar
Breanne King

I ordered the buy one get one mega pack. Received back very quickly. Results were very thorough and information provided... read more - 12/05/2019

Breanne King Avatar
Breanne King

positive review  The results were very thorough and received them very quickly. Highly recommend. - 12/05/2019

Johan T Linde Avatar
Johan T Linde

positive review  Xcode's reports were informative and helpful. - 11/24/2019

S. Hill Avatar
S. Hill

I think these results were more accurate than the results I received from other competitive companies. Almost everywhere... read more - 11/18/2019

Lindsey Helms Avatar
Lindsey Helms

Very interesting finds from these tests. I did the full package with all tests - and I think this information... read more - 11/12/2019

Lindsey Helms Avatar
Lindsey Helms

positive review  Very easy to import raw data from other testing companies. I did the full package with all tests - and... read more - 11/12/2019

Lauren Wilkinson Avatar
Lauren Wilkinson

positive review  Excellent reports with details on a very wide range of genetic information. I've purchased reports on two separate occasions and... read more - 11/05/2019

Lacey Carpenter Avatar
Lacey Carpenter

I found Xcode through an instagram Ad, then I researched the company to see how legit they were. They were... read more - 10/29/2019

C Klein Avatar
C Klein

I have recently been interested in DNA as it relates to my health. My husband is always trying to... read more - 10/29/2019

Cathy Lancaster Avatar
Cathy Lancaster

positive review  I have recently been interested in DNA as it relates to my health. My husband says to lose weight... read more - 10/29/2019

Markus Jönsson Avatar
Markus Jönsson

positive review  Great service, precision information and probably the best in the market right now! - 10/28/2019

Vance Conyers Avatar
Vance Conyers

positive review  I am glad that I choose to use this service. I was always curious about my DNA make up and... read more - 10/27/2019

Tonya Cozart Avatar
Tonya Cozart

positive review  I love my results from Xcode. Great information and also entertaining. I am primarily using it for a more precise... read more - 10/22/2019

Stephanie Connolly Reisner Avatar
Stephanie Connolly Reisner

positive review  Thorough, reasonably priced reports, easy to read, and gave me some great insight into my health. It's also given me... read more - 10/11/2019

Haley Rowley Avatar
Haley Rowley

positive review  We ordered a savings bundle and would highly recommend. Our results came very quickly. They were wary to... read more - 10/02/2019

Sheri Bullock Avatar
Sheri Bullock

positive review  After getting my information back, I changed up my diet in accordance with my macro recommendations, and discovered that I... read more - 10/01/2019

Lisa Freeman Avatar
Lisa Freeman

positive review  Reports are received fast and it's easy to order them. Will be back for more in the future. - 9/25/2019

MaKinzie Foos Avatar
MaKinzie Foos

positive review  Great service and really good information that is easy to read and interpret! - 9/22/2019

Sara Sutler-Cohen Avatar
Sara Sutler-Cohen

Super interesting details about my genetic history. Some surprises and some revelations. Be knowledgeable about how genetics works and you'll... read more - 9/21/2019

Lauren Liscio Avatar
Lauren Liscio

positive review  Amazing service! Would highly recommend - 9/13/2019

Stephanie Foster Avatar
Stephanie Foster

positive review  Very pleased with the insights gained from my report. DNA was easy to upload, results easy to read. - 9/10/2019

Jessie Waggoner Avatar
Jessie Waggoner

positive review  I ordered the Mega pack and loved all the information that I received about myself and my genetic disposition. I... read more - 8/30/2019

Amy Lynn Castillo Avatar
Amy Lynn Castillo

I purchased the mega-pack and was pleasantly surprised. The information is in full color and easy to understand, even giving... read more - 8/30/2019

Cristian Păun Avatar
Cristian Păun

positive review  Verry acurate, informative and usefull results - 8/30/2019