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Sampath Duddu Avatar
Sampath Duddu

Xcode Life has a lot of really good products that take your raw DNA data to the next level. The... read more 1/11/2019

Kyle Andrew Avatar
Kyle Andrew

Hey folks, my name is Kyle Andrew and I recently used Xcode Life to learn more about my testing results.... read more 1/10/2019

Jessica Reeves Avatar
Jessica Reeves

I loved learning more about myself with the Xcode reports. I learned some new things, but also found affirmation... read more 1/09/2019

Emily Richard Avatar
Emily Richard

I used Xcode Life to get an analysis of what prescriptions would be best metabolized by my body, according to... read more 1/08/2019

David Seffren Avatar
David Seffren

Super easy to upload Ancestry data. Super helpful and easy to read.
-- D. Seffren, Minnesota

Matt Reeves Avatar
Matt Reeves

They delivered all of the reports that we requested in the time frame they promised. The reports were all... read more 1/06/2019

Gary Isn't From Earth Avatar
Gary Isn't From Earth

Xcode really helped broaden my knowledge in my health. Because of this service I was given the insight needed to... read more 10/26/2018

Alison Grantham Avatar
Alison Grantham

I highly recommend using Xcode to analyze your raw data. I used it to analyze my data from 23andme... read more 9/25/2018

informed seo Avatar
informed seo

I have taken every possible test for DNA out there.
I also have an extensive paper trail that goes back hundreds... read more

Paula Stanford Avatar
Paula Stanford

I love the reports I received. I got a lot of information form them and I am learning a lot... read more 9/20/2018

Judy Stonehouse Avatar
Judy Stonehouse

Xcode provide a great product and it's so easy! Just a couple of simple steps have your raw data... read more 9/10/2018

Susan Hughes Avatar
Susan Hughes

Xcode Life is an easy and inexpensive way to make sense of your genetic data. I used my raw... read more 9/09/2018

Stephanie Steele Avatar
Stephanie Steele

I uploaded my raw DNA and had my results back way faster than I was expecting. I compared it to... read more 9/03/2018

Karen Morrow Avatar
Karen Morrow

I was pleased with the clarity of what the results meant and how to proceed with my physician if I... read more 8/27/2018

Nancy Silva Avatar
Nancy Silva

The xcode reports are detailed yet easy to read. I love the way they breakdown the information into useful advice.... read more 8/26/2018

Lauren T Avatar
Lauren T

I absolutely love XCodeLife. I started out with just a few of the tests and saw how accurate they... read more 8/26/2018

Eli Samman Avatar
Eli Samman

I used Xcode to interpret and make sense of my Promethease Report. It made it very easy to understand the... read more 8/24/2018

Georgette Kopp Avatar
Georgette Kopp

The reports were informative and really easy to read. Also gave great insight on a food sensitivity that I had... read more 8/22/2018

Jasmine Prasad Avatar
Jasmine Prasad

Great service, was easy to upload my data and I received my results very quickly. I received a fairly detailed... read more 8/20/2018

Robert Moretti Avatar
Robert Moretti

I heard about xcode from Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan's pod cast. Being from America everyone is a melting pot... read more 8/19/2018

Heidi Prahl Avatar
Heidi Prahl

I stumbled across Xcode in the comments of a post for a different service I was considering that broke down... read more 8/15/2018

Robb Nonyabusiness Avatar
Robb Nonyabusiness

So first off, this is a report of what you are predispositioned to. Environment, diet, and other factors can... read more 8/11/2018

Karli Sweitzer Avatar
Karli Sweitzer

Great way to find out more in depth information from what seems like a simple DNA test. Learning how to... read more 8/09/2018

Trisha McCoy Avatar
Trisha McCoy

It was very easy to upload my raw dna file and I got the reports back within 24 hours, as... read more 8/01/2018

Peter Karlen Avatar
Peter Karlen

I uploaded my DNA data from MyHeritage, since that is the cheapest here in Sweden and within 24 hours Xcode... read more 6/09/2018

Chika Sakashita Avatar
Chika Sakashita

Easy to understand The ordering process was easy and the results were provided fast. The reports are easy to understand and useful. When... read more 5/23/2018

Daniel Bobo Avatar
Daniel Bobo

Great product Great product. The booklets are very nice. 5/20/2018

Andrea Morehouse Avatar
Andrea Morehouse

Simple and informative I ordered the reports online. It was easy to upload my DNA data and I received my reports very quickly.... read more 5/18/2018

Suzi Fisher Avatar
Suzi Fisher

Super Pack, truly superb I am super curious about how genetics work so after going through 23andme and downloading my raw data, I thought... read more 5/16/2018

Vali Coteanu Avatar
Vali Coteanu

On par with 23andMe and Ancestry DNA! If you have non-European ancestry, mainly Asian/Indian, this is the best test you can take. They used to be small,... read more 5/12/2018

Sandra Aaron Avatar
Sandra Aaron

Great service Xcode was able to use my raw data from Gene's For Good. The reports were easy to understand and provided... read more 5/10/2018

Apratim Chakraborty Avatar
Apratim Chakraborty

The only service that provides detailed genealogical analysis within India. Totally worth it! They provided extremely detailed report about genetic... read more 5/10/2018

Kathy Medina Avatar
Kathy Medina

Great allergy reports Xcode translated my raw DNA from AncestryDNA and gave me my full Allergy report, within 2 days I had my... read more 5/05/2018

Marlene Franzese Avatar
Marlene Franzese

Very Impressed Excellent for download of 23 and me raw data. Got the bundle deal. Also the medicine one. Wonderful presentation of... read more 4/26/2018

Zenster Zenly Avatar
Zenster Zenly

Quick results I was looking for a way to get useful information about my health using my raw data from 23andme. I... read more 4/20/2018

Faust Hoopen Avatar
Faust Hoopen

I purchased the Xcode Good Nutrition report to augment my 23&Me DNA analysis. The report which they state may take... read more 3/29/2018

Kati Puustinen Avatar
Kati Puustinen

Excellent information I bought the Xcode analysis package with 5 reports (Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Allergy & Skin) for a very competitive price,... read more 3/26/2018

Erik Croyle Avatar
Erik Croyle

Fast analysis; great information I purchased the nutrition analysis of my 23andme DNA raw data. Very detailed and thorough analysis of nutritional deficiency tendencies... read more 3/15/2018

Dezirae McHone Avatar
Dezirae McHone

Great product Ordered the Best Seller Pack that included Nutrition+Allergy+Fitness+Skin+Health. Great price for what you are getting and it only took a... read more 3/10/2018

Laurel Jimenez Avatar
Laurel Jimenez

Unique platform Xcode has such a unique platform. I bought the nutrition analysis and found it to be so helpful. will definitely... read more 3/05/2018