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COVID-19 Gene Report

Find out your vitamin needs, response to COVID-19 drugs, risk of severity, and 11 other traits in our new COVID-19 Risk Assessment report.
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15+ In-Depth Reports

Our health and wellness reports cover more than 700 human traits spanning Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Health, Allergies, Personality and Mental Health, Methylation and MTHFR and more. Get health insights from your 23andme Ancestry data
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We accept DNA data from all major ancestry and genetic testing companies. Full list of accepted formats.

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Personalized Blogs

Your DNA is about you. Why read irrelevant information? Our personalized blogs written by qualified professionals bring you the latest information about your genetic type.
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Your Privacy Is Our Priority

At Xcode Life we never share your information with third parties, even anonymously. You are always in charge of your data and can delete it at any time.

What Our Users Say

Listen to real stories from our users. At Xcode Life users are the #1 priority. Join our growing list of users who have changed their life with health insights from their DNA raw data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my genetic reports from Xcode Life?

Most ancestry genetic testing companies offer 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA have around 650,000 to 700,000 SNPs. Ancestry is only a fraction of what you can get from your DNA data. At Xcode Life, you can choose from our growing list of reports for deeper insights and actionable tips.  

Which file formats are supported in Xcode Life?

Our reports are compatible with all types of formats including 23andme, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, Living DNA, My Heritage DNA, and Whole Genome Sequencing files. Check out the full list here.

Is my account and information safe?

At Xcode Life user privacy and security are given the highest priority. We do not sell or share user information even anonymously to third party companies.

How is the information in my report generated?

The information contained in the report is curated from peer-reviewed studies, and based on the number of risk variants present in your DNA raw data file, the genetic risk of a particular condition is indicated as likely low, medium, or high. Please note that ancestry DNA tests are not diagnostic in nature. Only an exome test is clinically certified to diagnose conditions.

Can I delete my information whenever I want?

Absolutely! At Xcode Life you have full control over what information you share. You can delete all your information and you files anytime from your account by yourself without having to seek prior permission from us.

How does Xcode Life protect user privacy?

Read our complete privacy statement on our Privacy page.

Is it possible to get health information from ancestry tests?

Absolutely. In fact, ancestry tests use only a small percentage of your raw data that has between 650,000 to 800,000 SNPs. At Xcode Life we offer more than 15 different types of health and wellness reports.

What’s the difference between DNA report and DNA data?

A DNA report gives information that is sourced by analyzing your DNA. These are your ancestry and health reports that are given to you in downloadable PDF formats. Some genetic testing companies, along with the genetic report, make your DNA raw data available for download. The DNA raw data file contains the part of your genome that is unique to you, presented in the form of the DNA particulars, A, G, C, and T. It is usually available in a .txt or .zip format.

What’s the best company to get a DNA test from if I am interested in health reports?

Xcode Life is compatible with almost any ancestry, health, and sequencing services. However, if you are yet to take an ancestry test, we recommend 23andMe since their raw data contains the most number of health-related markers.

What happens to my data once you generate my reports?

Your DNA raw data file will continue to be present in your account dashboard till you choose to delete it. You can delete your raw data and account anytime without having to seek any prior permission from us.

What if I purchase the reports and you are unable to process my file?

In the rare event that your file is not processable by us, we will refund the amount.
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