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July 15, 2021
Does Exercise Lower Triglyceride Levels?

Does exercise lower triglyceride levels? Triglycerides are present in the fat deposits in the body & hold onto unused calories for storage.

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July 6, 2021
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Special: How Genes Influence Elite Sports Performance

Is there a sports gene? Some athletes seem to be gifted and have demonstrated extraordinarily high-performance levels. How?

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April 12, 2021
How Genes Influence Your Glucose Response to Exercise

What is Glucose Response? Glucose response or glucose tolerance is a measure of how fast your body can push glucose […]

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April 12, 2021
How Genes Influence Your Pain Tolerance/Sensitivity?

What Is Pain Tolerance? Pain is defined as an uncomfortable feeling in response to intense or damaging stimuli. An external […]

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April 12, 2021
How Genes Influence Blood Pressure Response to Exercise?

What Is Blood Pressure? When blood flows through your arteries, the force that it exerts against the wall of the […]

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April 12, 2021
How Genes Influence Muscle Building?

Our muscles are divided into three major types, which include smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles. When people talk about building […]

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