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Can I use my Gene Nutrition Report to tailor the diet of my family members?

Family members do share genetic material but the amount of material shared depends on the nature of the relationship. As evident from the table above, only identical twins share 100% of their DNA. Even small genetic variation, in certain genes, between family members is likely to alter their unique nutritional needs. Given this, it is recommended that every family member is tested individually. My nutrition report says that I have a high risk for iron deficiency, but my health report says I have a high risk for hemochromatosis, which is caused due to iron overload. How can both be true? The genetic markers analyzed for iron deficiency and hemochromatosis are different, and hence the results are exclusive of each other. The genetic risk score for each trait is a calculated number based on a number of risk markers present in your genome file. This number indicates a probability of developing certain conditions and not a certainty. It's possible that an individual may carry multiple risk markers associated with contradicting conditions. In such a case, it is recommended to get a blood test to find out your status for both the conditions.
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