Out of the two tests offered by 23andme – Ancestry services & Health + Ancestry services – which test shall I purchase to avail Xcode’s reports?

Regardless of what product you purchase from 23andme, the DNA test that is done on your saliva is the same and hence the 23andme raw data is the same. To get Xcode DNA Health reports, take the minimal cost test from 23andme and upload the data to Xcode Life portal for analysis.

According to the 23andme website, the test results are now provided under a V5 chip. Is it possible to get the results analyzed even in this new format?

Xcode Life DNA Health reports are compatible with all versions of 23andme chip, including all past versions of the 23andme chips [v1 (2008), v3 (2011), v4 (2014) and v5 (2017)]. The Xcode Life DNA Health reports for 23andme V5 chip are the best in the industry for the 23andme V5 chip, covering the most number of SNPs and traits.

Should I take an additional health test to use this product?

No. Raw data from your ancestry genetic test is sufficient. You do not need to take an additional health test to use our facility.

I have raw data files from multiple companies which one should I upload and in what format?

If you have your raw data file from more than one company please follow the order of preference as 23andme> Ancestry DNA> Family Tree DNA> Living DNA etc. We accept files in .txt or .zip format.

What kind of DNA data should I use?

Upload your whole DNA data and not just your mitochondrial or Y chromosome data.

Which raw data providers do you accept?

We accept 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA, My Heritage, Genes for Good among other. Click here to view the complete list. If your raw data provider does not feature on this list drop us an email at hello@xcode.life and we will get back to you.

How can I delete my raw data?

You can delete your raw data file by yourself from your Xcode account dashboard. Hover over the image of your raw data file in your “File Browser”. You will find a black arrow icon. On clicking it you will find a “Delete” option. Once you delete your raw data file, it will be erased permanently from the our server. If you are unable to delete your raw data file, please send in an email request to info@xcode.in and we will delete it for you.

Can I get a hard copy of my DNA data analysis reports?

Reports are sent only as a soft copy via email and can also be viewed on our portal. Hard copies can be ordered separately for personal and gifting purposes for an additional charge of $100 for five reports including international shipping and handling.

Is it possible to receive my reports printed and translated to other languages?

Currently we provide reports in English on our site. Our regional partners provide translated reports to their clients in their respective languages. If you are interested in reports in other languages, please write to us and we will connect you with the respective regional partner.

Can I upgrade from any one of your single reports to a Best Seller pack or a Super Pack?

Yes, all existing customers can upgrade at anytime to either of the packs by paying the difference in price.

How do I download and print my reports?

To download your report, hover over the image of your report on your File Browser. A black arrow will appear on top. Click on it and choose “Download” from the drop-down menu. You can then download and print your reports. 

How do I delete my reports and raw data from my account?

To delete your reports/raw data file, hover over the image of your report on your File Browser. A black arrow will appear on top. Click on it and choose “Delete” from the drop-down menu. Your files will be deleted from our server. 

What traits are covered in the BRCA report?

The BRCA report covers Breast and Ovarian Cancer risk, Risk of early onset Breast Cancer, Estrogen receptor negative and positive BC risk, Breast Cancer risk in men, Breast cancer prognosis, Estradiol Plasma Levels and Breast Cancer Risk, Menopausal Hormone Therapy Interaction with Breast Cancer Risk, Hair Loss due to chemotherapy in breast cancer (multiple drugs), Hypertension due to chemotherapy in breast cancer (multiple drugs) and pharmacogenetic response to Breast cancer drugs (multiple drugs)

What are the different population labels under the Xcode “Origin” Ancestry report?

These population labels are basically part of a database to which your ancestry DNA data was compared against. Depending on which ones you are closely matched with, your ancestry is estimated to belong to those groups.
Please refer the resource below for more information about our population labels: https://www.xcode.life/dna-and-ancestry/ancestry-dna-test-genealogy-ftdna

How is our analysis different from other companies like 23andme?

Xcode’s ancestry analysis is completely different from that of 23andme. Our algorithm is more suited for the global population. Also we are the only company in the world to give a detailed break-up for the South Asian population.
Please refer this resource for more information on the way we perform our analysis and some major differences between and our’s and 23andMe’s admixture calculation. https://www.xcode.life/23andme-raw-data/23andme-ancestry-admixture-estimation

Why do I have traces of other populations in my report?

Most humans have traces of other origins unrelated to their regions. This is because of the migratory patterns and admixing with other populations. Secondly, this is also because of the way admixture results are interpreted by each company. Please visit this blog for more information on how results are interpreted – https://www.xcode.life/23andme-raw-data/23andme-ancestry-admixture-estimation

What are the different populations and ethnic groups covered under the ancestry report?

Please refer to this resource to get the complete list of populations and ethnic groups in our ancestry report.

Contribute to our database anonymously.

Here is a chance for you to contribute your ancestry information anonymously to help grow our database. Please fill in the questionnaire below. The information will only be used for reference purposes for ancestry calculation. Link to Questionnaire

Do I need a PayPal account to buy these reports?

A Paypal account is not required to purchase your Xcode reports. If you do not have a PayPal account, simple click the “Proceed to PayPal” button and then tap “Pay by Debit/Credit card” in the accompanying page.