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Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload my DNA raw data to Xcode Life?

Watch the tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teSwuEF6tSI

I have raw data from multiple companies. Which one do I upload and in what format?

If you have your raw data file from more than one company please follow the order of preference as 23andme> AncestryDNA> Family Tree DNA> LivingDNA etc. We accept files in .txt or .zip format. Please note that DNA raw data is typically a .txt file of size 15-17 MB or a zip file of size 5-7 MB. Make sure you upload the correct format of your raw data file.

Can I upload a Whole Genome VCF raw data file?

We accept Whole Genome data for report generation. Please note the following when you upload your Whole Genome raw data file:
Choose the "Whole Genome sequencing file (VCF)" option as your raw data provider on the product page.
You will be charged an additional $20 for report generation Whole Genome raw data on account of the extra data processing required.

Can I buy the reports now and upload my file later?

Yes. If you don't immediately have your raw data file, you can still buy our reports and upload it whenever you receive your test results. There is no deadline for uploading your raw data file.

I selected the wrong service provider. Will this affect my results in any way?

The option to select a raw data provider or the format has been put up only for user convenience. It would not affect your results in any way. For example, if your raw data format is 23andMe, and you have selected Ancestry DNA by mistake, you will still get the correct reports.

It has been more than 24 hours since I placed the order. There has been no update/ Where are my reports?

Please write to us at hello+support@xcode.life and we will look into this right away.

How is the information in my report generated?

The information contained in the report is curated from peer-reviewed studies, and based on the number of risk variants present in your DNA raw data file, the genetic risk of a particular condition is indicated as likely low, medium, or high.
Please note that ancestry DNA tests are not diagnostic in nature. Only an exome test is clinically certified to diagnose conditions.

Is my DNA raw data shared with third party companies for research?

No. We do not share customer raw data or any other kind of information with third party companies even anonymously.

How do I delete my DNA raw data from my account?

You can delete your raw data directly from your account.

When it says "Genes analyzed: Not Available" below certain traits, how come I have the results for it?

Some of the genes analyzed are intergenic (between genes), and thus we do not include gene names in the genes analyzed section. However, we routinely update our reports and we will look into adding terms like intergenic instead. If you need further clarifications please write to us at hello+support@xcode.life

What if I purchase the reports and you are unable to process my file?

In the rare event that your file is not processable by us, we will refund the amount.

Have more questions?

Write to us at hello+support@xcode.life, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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