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Personalized care for your patients through Genetic Data

Empower your patients with actionable insights using their genetic data from 23andme, AncestryDNA, Family tree DNA, Living DNA, Helix and more.

Expert curated information

Our reports are curated by our scientific team from thousands of publications. The report details the genetic makeup of your patients and its association with specific traits. This information is highly valuable in providing personalized care regimens for your patients.

Security & Privacy

Safety and security of personal data is of utmost importance, particularly medical and health data . At Xcode, we have made patient data-privacy our top priority. We have rigorous policies and protocols on data privacy and put you in-charge of your data at all times, including the right to delete the data any time.

Prices from $20

At Xcode we strive to make actionable genetic insights available to all. Our products and prices are one of the best in the industry. We custom configure reports as per your needs and requirements. The reports come packed with information that is easy to understand and recommendations that are practical and easy to implement.

White labeled in your brand name

We white label reports in your brand name and output using REST API for seamless integration into your web portal. A variety of reporting options are available such as APIs, pdfs among others. A wide range of customization is possible from marker to reports to custom web portals.

Genetic counseling

Our team of genetic counselors are available to assist you with the reports and offer value-added suggestions, training and any other assistance that you may need.

Detailed report within hours

Get actionable insights for every trait! The reports are currently turned around within 24 hours, but will eventually be produced in real time.

Traits curated by scientists to help you make informed decisions

Individual modules starting at $20






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