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What is lactose intolerance?

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How can a DNA test help with lactose intolerance?

An enzyme called lactase is needed for the breakdown of lactose. 

Individuals with lactose intolerance do not make enough lactase and hence do not respond well to lactose. Undigested lactose leads to several gastrointestinal symptoms. 

Lactose intolerant people can switch to other sources of protein instead of dairy to build and strengthen muscle and supplement their training. 

Variations in the MCM6 gene, which is needed for lactase production, can increase one's risk of lactose intolerance.

How do I get started?

To analyze your lactose intolerance genes you need to get the Xcode Life Gene Nutrition report. 

The Gene Nutrition report covers lactose intolerance and more than 30 other useful diet and nutrition traits. 

The Gene Nutrition report not only provides a detailed analysis of your lactose intolerance genes but also ways to manage the symptoms effectively. This includes diet and fitness tips.
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