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How to download Dante Labs DNA raw data file?

Dante Labs DNA raw data files are available in various file formats that include FASTQ files, BAM files, and VCF files. The FASTQ file is the unprocessed data in the text format that directly comes from the sequencing machine. After the first step in the analysis, the FASTQ file is converted to the SAM (Sequence Alignment Map) file which contains additional information about the location of genes and DNA sequences (called genome mapping). SAM itself is not a storage format - SAM is converted into a BAM file (Binary Alignment Map) which is a more compact form of storage Finally, VCF files, which contain information about the differences between two DNA sequences (the reference and the sample) are generated. [BAM, FASTQ etc need to be added to vocabulary] Downloading your DNA raw data file from Dante Before downloading the data, it is important to keep in mind that the data will be fairly large - ranging from around 30 GB (FASTQ and BAM files) to around 600-800 MB (VCFs). 1. Ensure your computer has enough free hard drive space. 2. Sign in to your Dante Labs account. 3. You can then download your data files directly from your Dante Labs account. 4. Downloading all the types of files could take a while. We recommend obtaining your VCF file which is the most often file used for DNA analysis. 5. This usually has the file extension .snp.vcf.gz and file size of around 300-800 MB. 6. Dante Labs has set each download link to expire 60 seconds after it's generated. This means you have to immediately start the download and can't save the download link for future use. We also have the option of securely importing the required Dante Labs files directly from your account. This allows you to save your whole-genome data in your Xcode Life account without having to worry about storage space or privacy. If you would like to avail of this option, kindly provide your Dante Labs account details (email ID and password) via an email to
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