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I have DNA raw data files from more than one company. Which one should I upload?

If you have your raw data file from more than one company, please follow the order of preference as 23andMe> AncestryDNA> Family Tree DNA> LivingDNA>MyHeritage. We accept files in .txt or .zip or .csv format. We also have the option of merging two or more DNA raw data files and generating the report from the merged file at an additional cost of $5 per raw data file. The merge file service is free of charge for the Mega Pack reports. Please be advised that your reports may take up to 24 hours to be ready if merging is needed. If you would like to go ahead with this option, you can send both your files to along with your Order ID in the subject. Why merge raw data files? The raw data generated from ancestry testing varies from company to company. By merging, the combined file has many more data points than the individual files. The more the genetic markers, the better it is for genetic analysis for health and wellness reports.
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