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I have a family history of a condition but my report says I have a low risk for that condition. What does this mean?

Family history plays an important role in assessing an individual’s risk for certain health conditions. Since we analyze the genotype raw data file (which comprises only 0.03% of your whole genome) to provide test results, not all risk variants pertaining to a certain condition may be covered. There also may be other lesser-known variants contributing to the risk of a health condition, that aren’t well researched, and as a result not included as a part of our analysis. Out of the markers we analyzed your raw data file may have had no/low number of high-risk variants for that particular condition. Hence the outcome would’ve been indicated as ‘low risk.’ It is important to discuss your family history and the results of this genetic test report with your healthcare professional who will help you interpret this report and let you know if you need further genetic testing
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