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My Sleep Report says that I have a higher tendency to be both an early riser and a night owl. How's this possible?

The tendency to be an early riser/night owl is called your chronotype. The genes analyzed for each of these traits are different and reported in different studies. So, it is possible that you carry the genetic variants associated with an increased tendency of being an early riser and a night owl. In such cases, you may experience an averaging effect between the two tendencies or incline more towards one of the other depending upon the behavioral and environmental factors that also impact these traits. Please note that genetics is one of the many factors that influence sleep parameters. The results need to be considered along with other factors like your diet, lifestyle, environmental and behavioral aspects. Genetic research is still evolving, and your genetic sleep report is based on the current state of knowledge. It is possible that new variants that are impacting your sleep genetics are yet to be discovered.
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