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September 30, 2022
Understanding Whole Exome Sequencing

Whole exome sequencing (WES) is a powerful tool that can provide insights into the genetic causes of disease. WES can […]

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September 26, 2022
Mitochondrial DNA Testing: The Genetics of Maternal Inheritance

What is Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)? Our body is made up of cells.  All cells comprise smaller components called cell organelles, […]

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September 24, 2022
Autosomal DNA Testing: Everything You Need To Know

Autosomal DNA testing is a powerful tool that can be used to learn about your family history. This test looks […]

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September 12, 2022
What Is The Function Of The mRNA?

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a molecule that helps “read” the genetic instructions of a gene and convert them into a […]

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July 5, 2021
15 Incredible Genetic Facts about Sports, Fitness & Athletic performance

Do fitness genes or sports genes really exist? Is there something as a champion DNA? Is it nature or nurture […]

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October 29, 2020
How Genes Influence Salt Intake And Blood Pressure Sensitivity

Just like how water exerts pressure on the walls of the pipes when flowing, blood too exerts pressure on the […]

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