Can junk food alter your DNA?

All of us know that eating a combo of cheesy supersize pizza, bulging burger and an ice cream sundae is bad for our health. Yet, the craving for the yummy big Mac burger and a tasty cream cake from a roadside shop doesn’t seem to lessen.


Are you someone who has repeatedly tried to control your sweet tooth but remain succumbed to the lures of junk food? May be it is not your fault at all. Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Maryland say so. According to their findings eating junk food on a regular basis can lead to already known risks of cancer, inflammation, infections, allergic reactions and a permanent scarring in your DNA.

Yes, it is true. Junk food can alter your DNA and carry on the scar for generations to come altering the mini ecosystem that exists in our body for ever.

The negatives of western food are well known; it is fatty, sugary and salty. It is the foremost cause of obesity and leads to various problems in the immune system and disturbs the intricate chemical makeup of the stomach. But a permanent damage to DNA comes as a shocker as well as a waking call for all those junk food lovers.


Our body has evolved over time to adjust to its surroundings and the same goes for the bacteria in the gut. When you munch on too much of junk food, the bacteria in your stomach gets affected and research has shown that they have already undergone a lot of changes in their gene expressions due to our unhealthy food habits.

Even our DNA has been encoded with our poor dietary choices. These changes are directly passed on to our off springs stretching across generations.


A mother’s eating habits have a great potential in shaping her child’s flavor and preferences even before birth and determines the child’s choice of food, sugar or vegetable. The new study also reveals the effect of paternal DNA in molding a child’s food habit. The developmental imbalances created during a child’s critical developmental period could leave the baby’s immune system weak and may cause autoimmune and allergic diseases.


The only way to counteract this alarming condition is a radical change of lifestyle. The transfer of strained DNA can be stopped only if the present generation moves towards a healthier diet.