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  • Covers ancestry composition using admixture and machine learning, the Ancestry Wheel and haplogroup analysis.
  • Accepted raw data formats: 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA, My Heritage DNA and more.
  • Both genotyping and sequencing files accepted.
  • 24 hour report delivery.


Categories covered

Global Ancestry Composition

Know the proportion of the DNA you inherited from around the world. A detailed report along with tables and charts of the geographical composition of your DNA.
South Asian Ancestry Composition

A report with a detailed description and illustrations on your South Asian Ancestry Composition. Find out your genetic composition of: Ancestral North Indians, Ancestral South Indians, Ancestral Austro Asiatics, Ancestral Tibeto Burmans
Maternal haplogroup

This analysis is based on your Mitochondrial DNA that you inherit only through the maternal lineage (mother’s side). Genetic location of your ancestors after the out-of-Africa migrations.
Ancestry Wheel

Ancestry Wheel is unique feature in the Xcode Ancestry report. It is a representative image of your global ancestry composition in the form of a wheel.
Paternal Haplogroup

Trace your paternal lineage by following the inheritance of your Y chromosome.