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Super Pack

Xcode Life’s Super Pack contains 7 reports: 

Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Allergy, Skin, Precision Medicine, MTHFR  

Use your DNA raw data from ancestry genetic testing service providers like 23andme, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Living DNA, My Heritage to get all the above reports.

Price: $89
Gene Nutrition
33+ categories that will help you make simple dietary changes to help your lifestyle in the long-run.
Gene Fitness
15+ categories to guide you in making the correct exercise choices.
Gene Health
50+ health conditions. This report now includes all the health risk traits covered in the 23andMe health report
Gene Allergy
15+ allergy predispositions. This report covers allergies from pollen & food to lesser known ones like misophonia & histamine intolerance.
Gene Skin
25+ skin conditions. Expert-curated and scientifically sound tips on how to tackle them.
Methylation & MTHFR
This report matches MTHFR status and its influence on the main Methylation pathway.
Precision Medicine
Know your metabolizer status for more than 150 drugs.
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