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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your DNA Test

In 3 easy steps, Xcode Life lets you dive deeper into your DNA data!

Exclusively for people who have already done a DNA ancestry test.

Xcode Reports
Have you taken a 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Living DNA or any other ancestry DNA test? You could now upload the same raw data - and get a variety of additional health reports!
Download as many as TEN expert-curated genetic reports about your health - without having to redo the DNA test! Reports get generated in under 24 hours 20 minutes now! ​
Xcode Life has hundreds of 5-STAR REVIEWS and over 150,000 reports have been generated in the past year alone. Scroll down for reviews. 
This tool gives you complete control over your data. Once you receive the reports, you can delete your data any time. Unlike other tools, no part of it is sold/shared with third parties, not even anonymously. This is one of the reasons why Xcode Life is rated 'EXCELLENT' on Trustpilot. ​
Available reports include Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Allergy, Skin, MTHFR & Methylation, Precision Medicine, Breast Cancer Risk, Carrier Status, Traits & Personality.
Unlike other tools, Xcode Life uses multiple peer-reviewed databases like ClinVar, UK Biobank, OMIM, etc. apart from SNPedia.
Scroll down to see what's included in each report.

Generate Health Reports In 3 Easy Steps


Visit the website of the company you bought the test from.


Download your raw data file.


Pick the reports you like on Xcode Life and upload your file!

Upload Data From Any DNA Testing Company

Here are some of the companies we support. If you've done a DNA test with any of these services, you can upload your raw data for additional health reports from Xcode Life. Our reports can be generated even for companies not mentioned here!

Real Testimonials From People Like You

Why Xcode Life Is The Ultimate DNA Reports Tool

Michelle Renee

"Amazing! They don’t just give you results, they give you answers to help! Beyond happy!! Highly recommend!! I sent the wrong data and they let me know and gave me more information to finding the correct one. Even with the delay due to my mistake, I still had results in less than 24 hours!"

Kimberly Fritz Ferris

"So happy that I found this company and got the information that I was looking for in regards to focusing on my health and improving it. I had purchased my DNA test from another company claiming that it would help with what I was looking for...nutrition, fitness, etc. It was a joke since all they really wanted to do was sell me their supplements. I uploaded the raw data and had these results in under 3 hours! The reports were very easy to understand and gave me some great insight. I was surprised by some of the things I peanuts aren't good for me even though I don't have a peanut allergy. Also- I discovered there is an actual reason that the sound of someone biting their nails drives up a freaking wall!! I have Misophonia is literally the hatred of sound... Who knew?"

Suzi Olafson Fisher

"I am super curious about genetics and this just furthered my knowledge of what I came with. I am taking medication and found that the precision medicine was very interesting and definitely helped me know I am on the right path. There were a couple of red flags that indicated I am a high metabolizer so I can take that info to the doc. Very happy and I am processing both my husband and my son through the Xcode. Yes, I am stalking their DNA!"

Peter Karlen

"I already had my raw DNA data and was first looking for a health report here in Sweden, but it was extremely expensive. Then I found Xcode and went with them. I didn't expect much because of the cheap price, but was surprised how comprehensive, clear and easy to understand the reports were. I even got suggestions for lifestyle changes and supplements I should take more of. I keep coming back to my reports for hints on how I can optimize my health. I'm very pleased."

Trisha McCoy

"It was very easy to upload my raw DNA file and I got the reports back within 24 hours, as promised. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so I was nervous to see the results, but my fears were put to rest as I saw low/average susceptibility to all of the bigger health concerns. It was worth it for peace of mind alone, and I imagine if I did find higher susceptibility to something it would have been very helpful to discuss with my doctor. The reports are very detailed, easy to read and understand, and well organized. These are not the end all be all in terms of profiling my health, but they were fun and helped pinpoint areas to look out for. There were a couple of items where the test confirmed things I already know (e.g., certain vitamin deficiencies, allergy sensitives etc.), which boosted my perception of the validity of the rest of the results. A worthwhile purchase!"

Kimberly Lawson

"I had results in less than 24 hours when I uploaded raw data I had already purchased from ancestry! It was very inexpensive but very informative."

Safety Of Your DNA Data

Xcode Life has one of the most consumer friendly privacy policies. Your data is fully safe.
You have full control of your data. You can delete your data and your entire account at any point. You do not need to email us or get our approval to delete. ​

Your data is never sold/shared - not even anonymously - with any third parties like Insurance or Pharmaceutical companies. ​

We take privacy very seriously because we understand that our business depends on that. Customers trust us before they buy reports from us.
Privacy & Data Security

See What's Included In The Reports

* Your report may not contain all of the sections listed here depending upon the number of markers present in your raw data file.
Gene Nutrition

Improve your nutrition intake

36 sections under the Nutrition Report including Tendency To Overeat, Tendency to consume fats, Caffeine metabolism, Alcohol metabolism and more.
Gene Health

Protect your health

50 sections under the Health Report including risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Depression, Parkinson’s disease and more.
Gene Fitness

Get in your best shape

16 sections under the Fitness Report including Aerobic capacity, Heart Capacity, Lung capacity, Ligament strength, Likelihood of fatigue and more.
Gene Allergy

Keep allergies away

16 sections under the Allergy Report including Lactose intolerance, Nut allergy, Motion sickness, Misophonia, Dust mite allergy and more.
Gene Skin

Work towards a clear skin

25 sections under the Skin Report including Vitamin B12 deficiency, Tanning, Wrinkles, Cellulite, Dry skin, Stretch marks, Varicose veins and more.
MTHFR & Methylation

Fix poor Methylation

The Methylation Report gives the status of more than 15 genes that influence the methylation pathway. Impaired Methylation can lead to poor detox, depression and fatigue.
BRCA & Breast Cancer

Likelihood of breast cancer

16 sections under the Breast Cancer Report including FDA Approved BRCA gene markers, Breast and Ovarian Cancer risk and more.
Carrier Status

Are you a carrier of a condition?

Up to 275 traits analyzed under the Carrier Status Report. Carriers typically don’t have the condition, but pass the variant to their children. This is highly relevant for young parents.
Traits & Personality

What makes you unique?

32 sections under the Traits and Personality Report including Empathy, Leadership Potential, Openness, Extraversion, Creativity and more.
Precision Medicine

Tailor-made medicine for you

Effectiveness of 250 different prescription drugs under the Precision Medicine Report. Doctors can suggest alternatives if a common drug doesn’t work for you.
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