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DNAFit & XCode Life: Two Top DNA Fitness Testing Companies

Being fit is good, being DNAfit is ideal! DNA testing for a variety of uses has caught on big these days and DNA fitness testing is no exception to this trend. With an enormous amount of time, money and energy invested in fitness and exercise these days, it only makes sense that you do what your body is optimally designed for.

Many aspects of your physical well-being are influenced by genetic factors and learning about what testing for DNA fitness is all about will help you choose between different fitness genetic testing companies. We had previously written a piece on the top 5 fitness genetic testing companies. Deciding between the various service providers requires you to be aware of the product features, their usefulness and of course the price. In our blog series, we try to do the homework for you, so that you can decide objectively.

A key factor to consider while choosing your DNAfit testing service provider is the number of DNAfit genetic markers tested. Some companies test only for a few fitness genes while some others carry out genetic testing for thousands of variants. Most fitness traits are multigenic, meaning there are multiple genes which could influence a single aspect of your fitness. Another important factor that should influence your decision to send your saliva sample is the way your reports are presented. Almost all genetic testing companies provide you with a sample report. You can use that to gauge how well you understand the information presented in the DNAfit report.

DNAFit is a UK based personal fitness DNA testing company that specializes in providing diet and fitness recommendations based on your DNA information both using home DNA kits and using DNA raw data from ancestry DNA test service providers like from 23andme. DNAFit is one of the top DNA fitness testing companies in the world. DNAfit provides genetic reports as well as personalized coaching through their network of coaches and trainers.

Xcode Life is a global personal genomics DNA testing company. Xcode specializes in providing detailed DNA fitness reports and actionable recommendations based on your DNA profile. Besides DNAfit reports, Xcode Life also provides nutrition, allergy, ancestry, precision medicine and health reports.

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S.N Feature of Comparison Xcode Life DNAFit
1 Overview Offers SNP genotyping of DNA from saliva sample Offers SNP genotyping of DNA from buccal swab.
2 Raw data accepted from ➤23andMe ➤Ancestry.com ➤ Family tree DNA ➤ Genos ➤ DNA land ➤all other major international data providers. (full list) Accepted only from 23andme and Ancestry DNA
3 No. Of Fitness Traits 45+ traits for nutrition and fitness 20+ traits for nutrition and fitness
4 No. of Genetic Variants Tested More than 300 genetic variants 45 genetic variants
3 Products offered Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Ancestry, Allergy, skin Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness
4 No. of years of service 7 years (2010) 4 years (2013)
5 Results turnaround Same-day with raw data from 23andme and other companies Same-day with raw data only from 23andme
7 Report Structure Reports cover certain important traits. Well structured and easy to understand Reports contain recommendations that cater mostly to elite or professional athletes.
8 Counseling services offered One counseling session

Two counseling sessions, one with a dietician and one with a sports scientist

9 Recommendations ➤ Actionable recommendations provided in the report

➤ Personalized diet chart, post nutritional counseling

Recommendations provided based on genetic information, online genetically matched meal planner, online genetically matched exercise portal.
12 Cost 20$ (with your 23andme data) From $89 for a kit
From $64 for a 23andMe or Ancestry upload
13 Raw Data Available on request Raw data cannot be downloaded

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