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Genetic Genie and Xcode Life: What You Should Know Before Purchasing An MTHFR Report

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Seb B
July 2, 2022
Go there, they are the best!!!
Wonderful place to get an analyze of your DNA. It can take some time, but the details you get are OUTSTANDING!! This is brilliant service. Great customer service as well. I love this place and can only recommend everyone to take this. Worth the wait, worth the result and gives you answers to your life. Do not hesitate, go here, let them analyze your DNA, top notch service!!!
Jaclyn Galvin
July 29, 2022
This has been really helpful for me
This has been really helpful for me. A while back I had gotten the nutrition report from Xcode and it really helped me understand certain aspects of my diet. Fast forward about two years and I am sluggish, irritable, tired, etc. I discussed it with my doctor and they ran some bloodwork. Turns out I'm deficient in some vitamins and needed to supplement. I went back and reread my xcode report and they are the exact same vitamins that the report told me I would need to supplement. Turns out I don't metabolize them as efficiently and need some additional help to meet my requirements. Overall, it was a really great experience and I look forward to ordering more of the reports.
Allie Casares
July 7, 2021
In-depth results
I was curious to see the health insights Xcode had to offer since the 23andme health reports were a bit lackluster. I ordered one health report from Xcode and received results within an hour. This specific report was more extensive than 23andme and came with a helpful guide. I definitely want to order more tests but the only issue is there’s so many to choose from.
Stephen D
June 15, 2021
The D'Alessio clan ordered Mega Packs
The D'Alessio clan ordered Mega Packs for everyone. The information gleaned from the reports was more robust than what one would find from 23andMe. I really liked the recommendations as well as a good jumping-off point for more research into mitigating possible health problems. I recommend this to anyone interested in biohacking their health.
Katy Strong
September 15, 2022
So pleased I ordered the Methylation Report.
I’m so glad I confirmed once and for all about my MTHFR status. I had a raft of tests done last year by a practitioner which certainly pointed to under-methylation, including slightly elevated homocysteine, and other signs and symptoms, but the genetic testing they offered was extortionate. After completing my AncestryDNA I was able to upload my raw data file with Xcode Life at a very reasonable $20 and receive a report that was very easy to understand and which included details on some 42 gene SNPs in my profile relating specifically to methylation. My current health issues are moderate, not critical but I now have a concrete plan on how to go about lowering my homocysteine and checking it’s status every year as guide for health. Given my mother and both maternal grandparents had significant cardiac issues, this feels very prudent. I would definitely recommend Xcode Life as an economical option for unravelling one’s genetic markers.
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16 comments on “Genetic Genie and Xcode Life: What You Should Know Before Purchasing An MTHFR Report”

  1. Thank you for this comparison. I have tried Nutrition, Fitness and MTHFR from Xcode. I found the reports to be very useful and want to try the other reports.

  2. Do these sites accept WGS files? I already did a genetic test with a company and I have a VCF file from them. I don't wanna spend another 100 bcks if I can help it.

    1. Hi Arnold. Thank you for stopping by. Xcode Life accepts whole genome sequencing (WGS) files in the VCF format. Genetic Genie only accepts raw data from 23andMe till the v4 version. Hope this helps.

  3. Are the MTHFR SNPs found in the 23andme V5 chip? And does Xcode study those SNPs? Because the Genetic Genie website shows they accept only till the v4 chip. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for reading the article. Yes, the MTHFR SNPs C677T (rs1801133) and A1298C (rs1801131) are both found in 23andMe v5 chip. And you are right Genetic Genie accepts raw data till the v4 version till date.

  4. Do I need to order the $199 Health and Ancestry 23andMe kit or will the raw data from the $99 ancestry kit suffice for Genetic Genie or Xcode Life?

    1. Hi Miranda! Thank you for reading the article. The Ancestry only genetic test from 23andme is enough for the Xcode MTHFR analysis. The 23andme raw data from the V5 chip has around 650,000 genetic markers.

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