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Genetic Genie and Xcode Life: What You Should Know Before Purchasing An MTHFR Report.

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16 comments on “Genetic Genie and Xcode Life: What You Should Know Before Purchasing An MTHFR Report.”

  1. Thank you for this comparison. I have tried Nutrition, Fitness and MTHFR from Xcode. I found the reports to be very useful and want to try the other reports.

  2. Do these sites accept WGS files? I already did a genetic test with a company and I have a VCF file from them. I don't wanna spend another 100 bcks if I can help it.

    1. Hi Arnold. Thank you for stopping by. Xcode Life accepts whole genome sequencing (WGS) files in the VCF format. Genetic Genie only accepts raw data from 23andMe till the v4 version. Hope this helps.

  3. Are the MTHFR SNPs found in the 23andme V5 chip? And does Xcode study those SNPs? Because the Genetic Genie website shows they accept only till the v4 chip. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for reading the article. Yes, the MTHFR SNPs C677T (rs1801133) and A1298C (rs1801131) are both found in 23andMe v5 chip. And you are right Genetic Genie accepts raw data till the v4 version till date.

  4. Do I need to order the $199 Health and Ancestry 23andMe kit or will the raw data from the $99 ancestry kit suffice for Genetic Genie or Xcode Life?

    1. Hi Miranda! Thank you for reading the article. The Ancestry only genetic test from 23andme is enough for the Xcode MTHFR analysis. The 23andme raw data from the V5 chip has around 650,000 genetic markers.

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