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2023 Update: Free Tools For 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA Raw Data Analysis

Last updated: June 7, 2023

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Customer Reviews

Danielle Mccann
April 30, 2023
Very interesting and detailed reports.
Very interesting and detailed reports. Easy to understand without a scientific background. Helped me personally with what I was looking for. Thanks from McCann.
Seb B
July 2, 2022
Go there, they are the best!!!
Wonderful place to get an analyze of your DNA. It can take some time, but the details you get are OUTSTANDING!! This is brilliant service. Great customer service as well. I love this place and can only recommend everyone to take this. Worth the wait, worth the result and gives you answers to your life. Do not hesitate, go here, let them analyze your DNA, top notch service!!!
Kimberlee Jackson
April 3, 2023
I am so glad I found XCode - BRCA and MTHFR
I am so glad I found XCode! I had my DNA results from Ancestry and was able to upload them to XCode and get answers to so many of my gene questions. Super quick turn around - they usually quote 24 hours turn around but for me it was more like 12 hours. I recently had a friend diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer so I felt I needed to get answers to my breast cancer possibilities. XCode gave me answers in ~12 hours. THANK YOU!
Ash Goodwin
May 2, 2023
Useful and easy to understand health reports from dna data
I received my Xcode life reports within the timeframe promised using my 23andme data and got useful new information from the reports to inform nutrition and supplemental strategies. Thank you!
Michelle Casterline
March 30, 2021
Very helpful and quick response time
Definitely worth the money! I had recently did the 23andMe testing and I've always been more curious on my MTHFR mutations, as it can be tied to many health issues. I came across Xcode Life where I could upload the raw data from 23andMe (which was very easy by the way) and get additional info. While I was doing it I decided to also get the Covid related test out of curiosity. I got the results the same day. I even had some questions and their customer service is on point. Extremely helpful and quick response time.
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27 comments on “2023 Update: Free Tools For 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA Raw Data Analysis”

  1. Hi Great article full of practicle advice sadly missing in todays world.

    I’m in the UK
    I can get 23 and me via Amazon UK
    My question is..
    Do I need the full test or does the cheaper version contain all the DNA snps data that these companies can decode?

  2. I really appreciated how you broke down the services offered by each company. Would you have a suggestion as to what to use for the most comprehensive information? It seems like XCode LIfe is easier to understand and the most comprehensive. However, are there a couple others that provide additional useful info, that I could use in addition to XCode Life. It is difficult to tell what XCode Life is missing. I see numbers by each as well. I am assuming the number indicate the rating (which one is better in your analysis?) Thank you in advance for your time in responding!

  3. This is a superb article. I have already started using Promethease, Xcode and Genetic Genie. Will post my experience with them as soon as I am through with their reports.

  4. I did my 23andme raw data analysis from Promethease and then opted to get it simplified from Xcode. It cost me an additional $20 but it would not have been the case had I taken Xcode first.

  5. I tried Livewello and Genetic Genie and I was not happy with the support I got from both sites. Genetic Genie seems outdated and Livewello is unresponsive. Which of these report covers intolerances Allergy or Nutrition? Thanks on advance for your answer.

  6. I have done my DNA and I have my genealogy back to 1583 we came from England but I’m trying to find out what my eight-time grandfather’s name is and where he came from I’m thinking he came from France because the original spelling was supposed to be c o u v e and I’m traveling to England next year to do research his name was c o v e y his sons was James William and George they came to the United States and 1625 I believe

  7. I need to have my DNA tested yet, and I need to know about what it indicates for Celiac and for Fragile X syndrome. What company would you recommend I use to test DNA, and what internet site would be best for testing for those two?

    1. Hi John. Thank you for reading the article. If you are looking specifically to test Fragile X syndrome and Celiac disease, I would recommend that you do so through a clinical genetic testing lab. Any hospital close to your home with an active genetic testing facility can do this for you.

  8. I used my DNA raw data to upload to Promethease. I got back about 20,000 rows of information. I tried changing parameters like magnitude and repute. But I am not sure if I am doing it right because it keeps throwing back results that I can either not understand or is too scary to read. And why am I getting results for prostrate cancer when I am biologically female?

    I don’t know what to do next. I went back to their website and saw that the price has been hiked to $12. I got my report in December 2017, when they had given it a free run. This makes me wonder if the quality of my reports are owing to the fact that I jumped the gun and got it for free. Will paying $12 now give me better reports? How can I get my reports interpreted and in a better format? Please help!

    1. Hi Kathy. Thank you for stopping by. First off I’d like to tell you that third party raw data analysis does not give diagnostic information. It can be used as heads-up or a warning if the evidence is in sync with your clinical tests. But do not take it as a sentence.

      Secondly, since you have your Promethease report from 2017, I suggest you try our Simplified Promethease report that, as the name suggests, gives you a simplified version of your Promethease report. You can get it from here:

  9. Thank you for such a comprehensive list! I already tried few of the third party tools on the list. Have you thought about adding GEDMatch and DNA Land? I know that they don’t cover health, but they are quite popular and i thought it might fit in well. Thanks again!

    1. You are most welcome Lindsey. GEDMatch is definitely a popular and a useful tool. Thank you for suggesting it. I’ll try adding it on my next update to the blog. DNA Land is also a widely used tool, but I have not suggested it since I am not comfortable with their privacy policy. They are an active research group so the policy seems to indicate that the genome files are directly taken for research. Let me see if they have made any updates to it and see about adding them.

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