Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Partners

We are glad to learn about your interest in partnering with us. Please find below a list of frequent partnership queries that we receive.


➤ Which raw data is the best for getting the most from your reports?

We generate reports from pretty much any company which provides more than 5,00,000 genotypes. 23andme, FTDNA, ancestryDNA all provide this type of results. Please refer to the list below of raw data providers we accept data from. If your provider is not on the list, please send us a sample of raw data and we will let you know if its compatible with our process.


➤ Do you have a complete list of all the raw data providers compatible with your tool?

Please refer this link for a complete list of all raw data providers compatible with our tool:


➤ Do you provide complete white labeling for reports and kits?

We brand the kits, reports and all other product related materials with your logo, provided an initial order of 100 units is placed.


➤ Do you provide API to present reports on my website?

We offer the results in JSON format so your applications can use the output on your website.


➤ Do you have a special pricing for partners?

We offer an average of 30% discount on the prices published on our website to our partners.


➤ Do you ship kits overseas?

Yes. We are able to ship kits internationally.


➤ How long does it take to produce results once the raw data is uploaded?

The reports will be ready in a few hours after uploading data.


➤ Do you customize the report as per my design and formatting requirements?

Yes we customize reports. There is one time USD 2500 customization charge applicable.


➤ Can you create custom reports on topics not currently listed on your site for my practice?

Yes we create special reports on various niche topics. Please write to us about your requirement.


➤ Do you offer exclusive distributorship in my country/territory?

Exclusivity of distributorship in your territory of business is available based on an upfront volume commitment.


➤ How long does it take for me to start working with your company?

You can be up and running in less than a week once the agreement is signed between us.


➤ Is there a minimum order requirement for partners?

There is no minimum order requirement for partners.  


➤ What are the current products in your portfolio?

Please check this link for a description of our all our products:


➤ Do you provide reports in other languages?

We currently have reports in the English language. However, we can work with you in creating a version of the report in the language of your preference.


➤ Will you perform the laboratory protocols on the samples or is it better for us to find a local laboratory?

We can facilitate testing through our lab partners.  However, it’s preferable to find a local laboratory in your country to do the testing and send us the raw data file for report generation. We can connect you with lab partners if need be.


Please feel free to drop an email to, if you are looking to take this forward, with your time preference. A call can be scheduled with the CEO/CTO.


Look forward to partnering with you.



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