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Tool to merge DNA raw data files

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Seb B
July 2, 2022
Go there, they are the best!!!
Wonderful place to get an analyze of your DNA. It can take some time, but the details you get are OUTSTANDING!! This is brilliant service. Great customer service as well. I love this place and can only recommend everyone to take this. Worth the wait, worth the result and gives you answers to your life. Do not hesitate, go here, let them analyze your DNA, top notch service!!!
Karpowicz Pawel
May 31, 2021
Simply the best DNA service
I am very pleased with Xcode professional service. My comprehensive reports was generated fast. I could find out a lot about my health, allergy, fitness, nutrition and skin info I never knew before from my raw DNA data. Xcode has the best deal prices on the internet. Highly recommended you won't regret.
Scarlato Barros
December 4, 2021
Xcode is great for those who are curious about their genes
X code is great for those who are curious about their genes and how to navigate a healthier lifestyle according to it. Some of the reports are quite straightforward and easy to understand while others are a bit more complex and require some studying. Nevertheless, dedicating time to understanding how I could treat my body properly genetically speaking has been a great turning point in my life. Highly recommended.
Carole Warner
February 7, 2023
I have used Xcode more than once & am pleased with the information I get.
I first found Xcode when I was looking for a better and more thorough analysis than what the original 23&Me reports gave me in 2018. I wanted my raw data analyzed by an independent company and I found Xcode. I was pleased with the initial report and returned to Xcode for subsequent reports as they became available. I recommend Xcode to anyone seeking more information.
Jaclyn Galvin
July 29, 2022
This has been really helpful for me
This has been really helpful for me. A while back I had gotten the nutrition report from Xcode and it really helped me understand certain aspects of my diet. Fast forward about two years and I am sluggish, irritable, tired, etc. I discussed it with my doctor and they ran some bloodwork. Turns out I'm deficient in some vitamins and needed to supplement. I went back and reread my xcode report and they are the exact same vitamins that the report told me I would need to supplement. Turns out I don't metabolize them as efficiently and need some additional help to meet my requirements. Overall, it was a really great experience and I look forward to ordering more of the reports.
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27 comments on “Tool to merge DNA raw data files”

    1. Hello! The raw data is based on the microarray DNA chips from Illumina, who have reported around 99% accuracy. Merging your raw data files will give you access to more number of genetic markers. Hope this clarifies.

  1. I am primarily interested in participating in the SAGE South Asian Genome project to receive an Xcode Origin Ancestry report to discover more about my Indian ancestry. Is it possible to merge my raw data files from both AncestryDNA + 23andMe and submit this for the SAGE project? Will a merged raw data file result in a more accurate Xcode Origin Ancestry report or is merged data mainly beneficial for more accurate health reports?

    1. Hi Mike. Thank you for stopping by. We will soon release a tool that converts raw data files between the various 23andMe formats. Watch this space for the announcement.

  2. Creating this tool was a great initiative, very well! Unfortunately, I could not use it because I tested with FTDNA and Living DNA. I hope one day the data from Living DNA will be supported.

    1. Priority is given to 23andme calls if one of the files you are trying to merge with is in 23andme data format. If you are trying to merge FTDNA and Ancestry DNA, then priority is given to FTDNA.

  3. Dr. Watson,
    My raw data comes from Living DNA from the UK which no one seems to support. I hope the info is usable? Please let me know any discrepancy.

        1. Hi Runo! Since this is a novel tool it is at the moment compatible with our website alone. We are still in the process of testing it with other websites. We will update our findings as and when we do.

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