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Simplified Promethease Report

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Chelsea B
August 7, 2022
Highly recommend for cutting edge research
Although sceptic of any third party genetic research company, I referenced all of the results I received with my raw data and the scientifically reported papers and they all were accurate in both my genome and scientific results. I appreciate the work being done by this company and the resources they provide.
Emilie Ellenberg
February 8, 2022
I was happy with the thoroughness of the results
I used XCode Life for two genetic tests. I used my existing raw dna data for these tests. I was happy with the thoroughness of the results and more so with the speed at which my results were returned- within 1 hour each time! I will definitely use XCode again!
Rabih Massri
March 12, 2021
Very detailed health guidance
I didn’t know what type of information I will get exactly and I was skeptical, but after taking the test I discovered so much more about my self and how my body functions , there was so much informations and detailed guidance on how I can benefit from MY DNA test. Especially about food and exercise types that suits my body to maintain a healthy life style. I strongly recommend Xcode
Michelle Casterline
March 30, 2021
Very helpful and quick response time
Definitely worth the money! I had recently did the 23andMe testing and I've always been more curious on my MTHFR mutations, as it can be tied to many health issues. I came across Xcode Life where I could upload the raw data from 23andMe (which was very easy by the way) and get additional info. While I was doing it I decided to also get the Covid related test out of curiosity. I got the results the same day. I even had some questions and their customer service is on point. Extremely helpful and quick response time.
Allie Casares
July 7, 2021
In-depth results
I was curious to see the health insights Xcode had to offer since the 23andme health reports were a bit lackluster. I ordered one health report from Xcode and received results within an hour. This specific report was more extensive than 23andme and came with a helpful guide. I definitely want to order more tests but the only issue is there’s so many to choose from.
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12 comments on “Simplified Promethease Report”

  1. There is no way to get a simplified report from Promethease, because Promethease as an option is not available when I am going to order a report on this page: Your answers to all the others that pointed this out are not helpful at all, because it is still not available. You need to create the option for Promethease in the list of reports on the order page.

    1. Hello Maria! Unfortunately, we have stopped our Simplified Promethease Report services currently. Kindly check in with us after 3-4 months for an update. Please let me know if you have any further queries.

  2. Hi. I am having the same problem as everyone.

    The instructions are not correct, and that is why we are having trouble. In Step 1, there is no such thing as a "Service Provider" but "Raw Data Provider". Promethease is not on the list. Can you please fix this and/or indicate us how to get the report?

    Otherwise, please remove this page claiming that you are offering free Promethease reports for free. Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

    1. Hello David! Thank you for stopping by. The Simplified Promethease report service simplifies the information in your Promethease report so that you can understand it better and print it if you want to. It does not need or depend on the original genome data file that you uploaded to Promethease. Hope this clarifies.

      1. When I go to the link you mentioned, it takes me to a page to select my DNA provider, but then there is no place that says anything about simplified report. It just has a list of other stuff. Do I buy the 99.00 pack, or what?

        1. Hello Elizabeth! You would have to select Promethease as your service provider from the drop-down options for the Simplified Promethease product to appear in the list. Hope this clarifies.

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